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Will riding with choke cause damage?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Iondah, May 6, 2007.

  1. Following on from my previous thread
    "Bike stalls in the wet - whats wrong and how do I fix it?"

    I had another go at riding in the rain on Wednesday when it basically pissed down all day. Had no troubles on the way in to work though I was careful of the idle in case it started dying off again.

    On the way home however as it was still raining heavily and the bike had been sitting in the rain all day I decided to ride with the choke on all the way home so I didn't have to worry about the engine cutting out in the middle of the Monash freeway.

    So my question is... is riding with the choke on an OK thing to do occasionally or will I be damaging my engine and going through oil filters quicker than John Howard in the sack on a friday night?

  2. It will likely just foul the plugs, and use more fuel.
  3. Running rich by using choke can foul plugs and eventually glaze bores, damaging the bore and ring.

    It needs to be on for a long time to do that sort of damage though.

    If the bike is stalling in the wet you'd be better turning up your idle speed rather than using the choke if it's easily accessible.
  4. There's a story I read somewhere years ago about an old lady who had a car that took her to church on sundays and to the local shops. She had it for years and it always use a crap load of fuel, even though it was a small car. One day she took it to the mechanic to get checked out and he couldn't find anything wrong with it. To him, the car was in pristine condition and running like clockwork. He expected the fuel economy should have been excellent, and didn't understand why it was so bad... until he saw the lady get in to drive away. She pulled out the choke lever out and hung her bag on the lever... she didn't know what the choke was for! LOL.

    Like the others said, you'll use more fuel and extended use will foul the plugs.


  5. C'mon Rob, after a day of Zen road meditation, surely you can admit the truth. That old lady was you, wasn't it?
  6. I suspect that you won't have any power when the engine is warm, while running at such a high a/f ratio.
  7. Now lisssssten here you young whipper ssssssnapper... I don't like your tone... oh dear... what was I saying??


    I prolly was an old lady at least once... in a previous life/lives... :-k om, om, om, ommmm, peace out :)