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Will North Korea nuke South Korea?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mouth, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Whilst logically, such an action would end in the almost guaranteed end of NK as we know it when all the allied powers would then invade and dismantle the country, the rhetoric coming from NK has been getting increasingly unstable.

    Is it only a matter of time before NK takes some offensive action on a large scale on SK. The growing instability seems to be too far gone at this point to turn back. NK feel they have the right to continue with their nuclear program, and they will, and that will increase the sanctions applied, and the situation will just keep escalating.

    Your thoughts?

  2. I don't think the leaders are that dumb. They want the world to think they are crazy and maintain there little dictatorship. I don't see it as having esculated, they have always been this bat shit.

    Unfortunately for the people it will be a long Mexican stand off. No one will or can intervene. The only thing which could stop it is internal conflict which given the divide is currently impossible. It's a really sad situation that I doubt will change in my life time.
  3. My sister is over their trying to deal with this situation. She's a Buddhist priest, was a professor of political science at Chicago U for most of her life. And she is fairly worried about the situation. Even more so now snoop dog is the unofficial ambassador of Obama now ??????
    It is pretty scary stuff. Once again my worry is the arrogance of the Americans will pull us all into another shit fight that we don't belong in. Another faraccass that cant be won. Sanctions will only hurt the innocent people, just as bad as a bullet will.
    We have gone on about Kim and Co, how badly they treat their own. How the upper class have all the wealth and the little people are starving. Um 90% of the westerns worlds money is held by 5% of the population. America and now a lot of Europe have streets full of homeless and the starving. But that's ok cause were the west and we're always right.
    My thoughts are we need to clean our own cages before we start rattling other peoples
  4. The Tell is what China is doing. There would never be a pre-emptive strike by any Western power. There is still debate on if they actually have any working nuclear payload capacity. If NK ever lobbed one anywhere, their C&C sites would be dust in 15min.
  5. For a nation with no sabres there has always been a lot of rattling going on.

    NK is well known for making threats that they do not have the capability to act upon.
  6. TEAM AMERICA !!! ..... fcuk YEAH !!!
  7. China would not allow it, the end.
  8. america controls the west/middle east....china controls asia/east in general.....africa is just fcuked and has no hope
  9. The relationship between Iran and Korea is one that worries me more than the one they have with China.
  10. I hope japan rise again and destroy the western world
  11. Your an idiot Devil. 50 Hail Marys for you.
  12. It's all smoke and mirrors, the Knights who say "nik" could beat NK.
  13. And you mcsenna are way to serious ;)

  14. ummm to my knowledge snoop dogg hasn't been to north Korea, the black dude who is over there atm is Dennis rodman who is an ex basketball player.
  15. North Korea won't, but America might. Then they will prove to the world that North Korea did it, and nuke them too.
  16. If NK has any semblance of logic and consequential thinking they won't do it. Unfortunately their leadership has proven itself to be so bat-shit crazy that anything is possible. I wouldn't be surprised if they released photoshopped pictures of their capital being nuked and tried to blame Canada.
  17. I couldn't see the west (USA) getting involved if there isn't anything in it for them.
  18. True. Or at least that's been historically the case. North Korea has a long history of making threats and boasts, few of which they can back up, but if they do manage to land a nuke on South Korea, a US ally and where a lot of bulk container ships and oil tankers are built, I'd expect things will become rather ... unpleasant in that part of Asia.
  19. Um, the Americans forces in south korea number 28,500 they are involved up to their eyeballs.
  20. Sorry it was Dennis