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Will new pipe bump up my renew?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DANNIBOI, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    Gettin a new pipe put on the bike this week, finally!:grin:

    Now i just got my letter from swann to re new my insurance with them for the bike.

    Tried to call but there closed for the night, so i thought id ask:

    Wondering if the new pipe will increase my renew amount. iv got full comp and had no prior claims on the bike. Im now off my L's and because im fully licenced on the car, I am also on the bike now.

    As this could also be helpful for new riders checking this thread, what modifications are you allowed?
  2. It actually costs more to replace a stocker than it does to replace an aftermarket pipe.
  3. You know you're restricted for 12 months and its a restricted license not P's for the bike if you have already competed P's.
  4. yer, sorry i ment I dont need to show plates on my bike anymore. i know im still restricted though.
  5. Who knows... Swann might not care, or they might slug you an EP (extra premium) to have it listed as an accessory/modification. It really depends on what their underwriting guidelines say, and who you get to take your call.

    Every company is different, and even though the underwriting guidelines are the same for each company, some people are treated differently to others....
  6. Yeah, but they sometimes like to quote that 'more attractive to theft' crap.
  7. I'm with QBE and they don't charge me anything to add mods to my bike. If I want to insure your bike for a certain amount then you will have to pay extra.

    All I do is tell them each mod I do and they put it up against my existing policy. They said they will replace damaged parts only to the retail price of the item at the time, not at the price I purchased it.
  8. Really depends on the insurer mate.
  9. All done, spoke to Swann today, they just asked me how much the new pipe was and that was it. no added extra $$, no worries.

    And a little tip when you call any call center. Drop the line "yer i work in a call center as well"....... you wouldnt belive how much better they will treat you.
  10. get a mate to call to just 'enquire' then you know. doubt it will cause any hassle.
  11. Generally if they do bump up your premium it will be because of the replacement cost of whatever mod, not any percieved increase in risk (although exhausts on cars tend to add uninsurable hoon value...)

    And while a stock exhaust may be harder to find/replace than an aftermarket one, they are readily available on most bikes if it comes to a complete replacement, whereas Yoshi/Akra/Micron would be an additional cost.
  12. when i was talking to swann about putting a slip on can on my zx6r they told me a slip on is ok because it is not performance enhancing its only cosmetic.
    but a full system would increase the risk because you gain more hp therefor the premium would go up.

    im sure its different with every insure but thats what i was told
  13. That's interesting!