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Will my suit wear in

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jimbo14, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I bought a dainese 2 piece suit suit. It was a tight fit in the store but not to bad. I purposely got it tight like a second skin. However after riding my bike it feels really really tight on my torso and knees. Will it wear in and stretch to my shape with time or have I blown $1300???


  2. If should stretch just a little. So if it's tight to the point of hurting right now, it's probably too small. You can always keep all the tags and resell it as brand new or return to the store? Or did you get the suit at the PS sales?
  3. Oh just read you took it for a ride, I guess you can sell it as almost new then.
  4. Nah it'll wear in, I find it takes quite a while.
  5. Thanks guys
  6. my leathers shrink over winter then once I'm back into they fit again.
    its a good incentive to keep the weight down.
  7. Got a fat mate who can wear it around for a day or two ?
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  8. Haha good idea. I have a track day at broadford tomorrow. I got a feeling I'm going to be sore from my suit. It's ment to rain as well
  9. In my experience good leather doesn't stretch much and it's probably reasonable leather at that price, might be better to try and flog it before you use it too much. Nothing worse than being uncomfortable, takes your mind off the job IMHO.
  10. When my 2 piece leathers were new (into5 years now) I had felt really comfortable with the same brand in 2 sizes bigger, but the sales fella was unimpressed, pointing out how the builtin armour had no traction. Ok but sooo tight. Speeding up the bedding-in process seemed a reasonable smart-ass first move, so for a couple of rides zipped them together - over singlet, T shirt, jumper, & 2xpair flannel pajama pants (they don't dig in like jeans etc). Yeah-well did split the ass but what the heck, they were under warranty so they were repaired. Still ok, though I do have to wear a bumbag for my phone & wallet; but thats fine.