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Will my etoll tag work in the pocket of Ventura bag?[qld]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by petery, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Hi all

    Will my etoll transponder work if it's in my Ventura bag?

    Read an interesting forum discussion from a year or so ago on where to mount etoll transponders on bikes. A few people suggested armbands that the toll company should provide. I'm suspiscious that Queensland Motorways might be a bit behind the times with this - on their web site they say:

    E toll is not suited to motorbike use, however, motorcyclists who wish to use the E toll service can do so, we accept motorbike applications.

    There are a number of important factors to note regarding E toll and motorbikes:

    E toll devices are not waterproof. Please take care to prevent rain damage. E toll devices can be easily removed. Please take care to prevent theft.

    I'm planning on just leaving my transponder in the locked back pocket of my Ventura bag. Does anyone know if this will be picked up by the toll booth reader? I'm guessing they will photograph me if not and see my rego details on their system anyway, so hopefully won't matter if it doesn't pick it up.


  2. nope, wont work, but as u mentioned it will take a photo and charge your plate, so why fork out 40 bux for a tag when u dont even need it is beyond me
  3. tag was free (at least here in Qld) and I think the main benefit is that it gets your rego number on their system so they know who to charge (and have a credit card to debit).

    Thanks for the reply - shame it won't work. So other option is armband I guess?
  4. Do you cop a 'penalty' fee or just the typical charge?
  5. Saw a scooter pop his etag in his mouth to go through the booth the other day. Was in the cage otherwise would have told him not to bother just to ride through as you can link the plate with the account and the camera does the rest. Poor guy obviously also didn't know he could go in bus lanes so he sat in stopped traffic for a long time whilst the bus lane was free.

    Don't know if you can link the account to the tag in qld?
  6. nah no penalty, just the cost of the toll

    also what u do is you link your bike to your cage tag so u dont have to fork out 40 bux for another 1, thats what i was getting at..
  7. Got a response to this from the Qld Motorways people (who run our toll roads).

    They said they don't provide armbands but advise riders to put their transponder in their front jacket pocket. They said it probably won't be picked up in a backward facing gear bag, but as long as my rego number is registered on their system it won't matter as they will just add the charge to my account if the transponder is not picked up.
  8. Petery,

    I posted an item about this on 16.03.09 part inserted herein ...

    Use of E Tags. The advice from the gurus at Qld Motorways ... place them in a right-side pocket, when proceeding thru the E Toll ride on the right side of the lane to enable the E tag to register.

    Apparently the E tag does not have to be open to the elements in a pocket is acceptable.

    Trust this is helpful. If clarification required give your local toll company a buzz.


    Hope this helps ... DH :grin:
  9. Wheelie through the tolls.
    Cant get the plate then
  10. i recentely emailed etoll about this too and they have come to the party and as long as you have your rego set up with account or combined with car account they will manually do the toll. They suggest placing the annoying big etoll in my tiny front pocket but i don't want to risk getting it wet in the rain or something and having to pay for a new one (they've got a deal for free transponders (?) at the moment. So once i set up the car account with bike attacked i can just ride through etoll lanes yay.

    They have changed their policy to come into line with sydney and melbourne as when i asked the exact same thing some time last year i was told to always carry change and use manual (although they are apparently phasing manual out completely and all etoll soon).

    Was getting prepared to get a big group of us to go through manual tolls one at a time turning engine off, taking helmet off, gloves off, find change and do all in reverse, one at a time to make the point but seems like they've come around with just the normal level of annoyance we are (can't help it though, darn hard to get coins out of pockets with gloves on and no visibility with helmet on!!)
  11. I put mine in my jacket pocket, I even change it between my car and bike. works for me
  12. Toll free for bikers here in Mexico
  13. If you change your transponder between car and bike, do you have to notify Q. Motorways each time?
    I understood that each transponder was set to debit the toll for the type of vehicle it was registered for.
  14. I have an Etoll set up for the car and everytime I go through on the bike I download the 'Transponder did not Beep' form from their website, fill it in and fax it to them.

    If I'd known I could set up the rego of my bike on the Etoll account I wouldn't have bothered. :roll:
  15. I've already got two cars on my e-tol account, can I add the bike as well? Anyone have the number of who to call?
  16. Okay, I've just gone through this with QLD Motorways:

    - A transponder is set to a particular car and toll, you can add your bike to the same toll account online but you need to make sure when you plug in the vehicle details you say it is a bike and request a new transponder. You can't just use the car transponder as then you will get charged a car toll.

    - You don't technically have to use the etoll when you're on a bike, as long as you have registered the vehicle to your etoll account. Just ride through the etoll lane, and they will pick up your number plate and debit your etoll account without any penalty (just the toll).
  17. You guys sure about all this? Just went to the E-toll web site and under FAQ it says

    Sounds like if you ride thru without the transponder, you need to fill out some form each time!
  18. Just called E-toll and all said above is correct. Just add the bike to your existing account and never worry about it again.

    They also told me that from July this year (they are converting all tolls to free flowing, so if you do not have an account, it will be a pain getting your toll paid.
  19. I have never had any issues with my transponder going off and I have put it all over the place while on the bike - in my jacket, wedged under windshield, it has even worked from within a Givi topbox on the back. Remember that the signal needs to pass through glass/metal on cars, and I have seen them put in some odd places by drivers (a lot seem to like putting it in their glove box or in the map holder in the driver side door).

    E-toll has historically had a negative attitude towards bikes - not so long ago you got charged the same amount as a car if you used e-toll! Since fixing that they have been generally discouraging of us using the e-toll system, even though we cause major delays when paying in cash. Thankfully licence plate identification should mean we never need to worry about it again - until they start 'accidentally' charging us the rate for cars :roll: