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Will my bum look big in this??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by vic, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    I finally got myself a new pair of leather pants. My last pair lasted 8 years and they would have lasted another 28 if they didn't "shrink". Blasted Dianese :p

    So I wonder down to TigerAngel in West Melbourne and speak to Steve. Julie was away on business as usual so I didn't get to see her :(

    Steve whips out his measuring tape and starts to take my measurements.

    Initially, I thought his tape was too small :)

    Measurements all done, paperwork all done, home I go.
    Told them not to rush, I was in no hurry, whenever they got around to it.

    A few weeks later, I get the call from Julie, my pants are ready.

    Find a day that is reasonably free and go in to pick them up.

    Put them on and they fit like an absolute glove. My Dianese fit fantastic for an off the shelf job but these were like wearing a pair of tracksuits, really really comfortable.

    So I say to myself, I have a bit of running around to do Friday, I'll do that on the bike before I go to work. Nu uh!!!!! Get hit by a killer dose of the flu and spend the next 24 hours rolling around in bed in absolute agony.

    Finally got some sleep this morning, 3 hours, and when I awoke, I felt half human.

    So I think, I need to give these pants a run on the bike. Look outside, it's raining.

    I might have to do a loz and scrape the knee sliders along a wall :p

    I remember paying $500 for my Dianese pants without sliders 12 years ago. These pants at under $700 custom fit, the extra money is well worth it. Lifetime warranty, Made in Australia, none of the staff are "outworkers"
    22 thumbs up from me TigerAngel. :grin:
  2. I was very impressed with Tiger Angel myself

    I recently got a set of their 2 piece serpentine leathers off ebay for cheeeap.

    Anyway being an L plater and not intending on getting any knee down action I fired them an email re making some covers for where the sliders velcro on. Julie replied within an hour and said they could be done for $34. They called me when ready for payment and shipped them out via express post.

    Very happy.

    P.S. Not sure about their on hold music though. It was JoyFM, not that there is anything wrong with that.
  3. no they dont make your bum look big.
    your bum is just big. allways.
  4. [​IMG]