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Will my bike get stolen

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wang chung, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. zzr250?
    steering lock
    living in non povo area with bike down long driveway under awning off quiet street.
    i did have a bike lock that i never used.. someone stole that out of the pocket in the fairing, they dont have the keys for it.
    only got 3rd party for my bike :roll:

    You know how in the paper there is always most common cars stolen.. i assume there is a bike version of that?s
    250's are crap, yet they get crashed alot so people would want parts?
  2. Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmm, if you tell me what time you won't be home, and your bike will, then probably yes, your bike will be stolen. :D
  3. Can you chain or wire leash your bike to a solid object like a light pole or tree? That may reduce the likelihood.

    By the way what is a "non povo" area?
  4. I like riding my ZZ-R1100 with my sports bike riding mates. I figure if my bike is parked next to their bikes, any potential thieves will pay more attention to their bikes before looking at mine. That's what I think. But then again, I could be deluding myself. :?
  5. its pretty easy to get a small bike with a steering lock on to a trailer with two blokes. if you had a disc lock on, that stops the bike being rolled, so you need a few blokes to actually lift the bike, so that implies a bit of organisation.

    Your average dero walking around isn't likely to be able to steal it unless he can pick the ignition lock, dunno how easy that is as I am not a crim.

    Invest in a good thick chain and secure the front wheel to a pillar or something.

    how much extra would it be to insure it for fire & theft as well as 3rd party? might be worth a look (if you don't already have it)
  6. One of my friends chained his TTR 250 to his stepdads BMW road/trail which in turn was chained to a steel pole. One morning the TTR (plus chain) had been stolen but the Beemer was left behind.

    They definitely knew what they wanted. A stolen TTR is a lot easier to get rid of than a BMW. Even if it didn't end up being a chop job it could just end up on someones farm where the authorities would never have any cause to inspect it.
  7. I heard a funny story once, this guy had his bike stolen from the side of road (steering locked) in broad-daylight on a busy street. When he got back and found his bike gone a passerby told him that two men in overalls had pulled up in a white van and just lifted into the back, nobody stopped them because they looked 'official'.

    Mind you this was in England so there ya go....
  8. One of my mates recently had his zzr 250 stolen from behind his car in his carport in wodonga. He had a disclock on it but they must have either had bolt cutters or just thrown it in a ute or somethin.

    As for fire and theft. I had a look at racv and they dont seem to offer it for a motorcycle... Probably with good reason, bikes are just too easy to steal if ya have a ute and a few guys.

  9. I remember seeing a program on tele a while back where they simulated the theft of a motorbike by a couple of dudes putting it into the back of a van. They wanted to see if anyone would pay any attention to the theft in action. Apparently everyone just walked on by as if nothing was happening.
  10. What can you say though? Unless you know the bike and its not theirs.

    "Hey you is that your Bike your putting in that van?"

    "Ofcourse it is."

    "Ummm okay very well, carry on"
  11. non povo area.. you know.. the residents are people who have a job, not derros / junkies who mug people and break into cars to steal a packet of smokes.
  12. haha mike, thats how it goes.

    someone buy my vr wagon plez.
  13. If you dont speak to them and just make a show of taking down their registration details you can get an idea of what they are up to by the way they react.

    Quick tip: be prepared to run!
  14. I lived in a reasonably run down area of Brunswick. I paid for contents insurance and nothing ever happened.

    I moved to Mont Albert (a non-povo suburb) whereapon the insurance company halved my premium for moving to a 'safer' area. My car was broken into three times in the first month.
  15. Basically if they want it they will take it, regardless if you have it chained or just useing the std steering lock.

    Not so long ago there was an organised group with a hydrolic tail gate and sml crane on a truck, and they where just taking the bikes as is, and worrying about whatever locking system that was on the bike later at there own leasure......... and yes they took the poles and all !
  16. Thanks for clarifying. :)
  17. outa sight, outa mind. even a bike cover can help.
  18. But where do you think these guys go to steal stuff?
  19. Wouldn't that mean the bike WILL be stolen. We all remember the Trampoline episode on the Simpson where they couldn't get rid of the trampoline until they chained it to a tree :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Bawhawhahahahahahaha

    clasic episode that one !

    hmmm is that why Greenies are a dieing breed ? Bc they chain themselfs to trees and someone comes along and relocates them ??

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: