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Will metho do damage?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by es, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. replaced the seals on the tank but im still getting condensation. Will putting a capful or 3 of metho in the tank every morning damage it?

  2. The odd cupfull is alright, but every day I wouldn't.

    I'd be suspicious of where you are buying your petrol. I bet they have a tank leak. Petrol out, water in. Water in you tank.
  3. Yeah that still sounds a little dodge eswen, have you been getting fuel from the same place?
  4. Nope, but it won't do your kidneys any good :LOL: :LOL:

    Er, anyway, what are the symtoms? Poor running on startup? Does it continue after warm-up? Or are you able to drain the tank and make certain?
    Condensation can occur in places other than the tank, such as float chambers, ports, airbox etc., especially if the bike is kept outside.
    Just some possibilities...
  5. it struggles to start if its been raining, it wont start unless i chuck metho in, runs sluggish for a few miniutes then is ok. If it hasnt been raining then it starts ok.
    Have drained & flushed the tank and float. bike is kept outside as my new place sucks and im not allowed to use the garage.
  6. So is rain the key variable, not temperature?
    I ask because temperature is the big factor in condensation, rain is a leakage issue.
  7. Could be a number of things, some related to water in the fuel, some not.
    Any chance of setting up a tarp or something? I used to park the bike in an old tent (in this case thrown over the Hills hoist) to keep the frost off, back in Ballarat.
    Or if you can't justify the expense of a bike cover, a large BBQ cover will do the job, for about $30-40.
    At least that would eliminate environmental factors from the problem.
  8. it cant be leakage, as i said replaced seals and i use a bike cover. Its more likely to be condensation; when it rains its alot colder.
  9. get a bike cover. . . .
  10. O.K. that definately covers leakage as an option...
  11. I’d give the metho the flick; bikes weren’t designed to run on Metho. I’d start by cleaning/replacing your air filter, changing the plugs and fuel filter. If that still doesn’t work there might be a problem with the choke.
  12. said already - I have one and use it.
    Im thinking its the carbies, due to other symptoms like cutting out at low revs. but I dont think i can afford to have them cleaned, how hard is it to DIY? I know it takes ages to get them out. what if i take them out and get a mechanic to clean them.
  13. Easiest way to clean the carbs is to simply remove the airbox and spray a can of carb cleaner down the throats (most auto places should sell it).
  14. You could probably have a play with the choke parts of the carbs, as long (as they are manual, not automatic choke), without getting into too much trouble. If you start getting into the jets, floats etc. then be prepared to do the full carb maintenance and assembly course before you'll be back on the road!
    Really, if once the bike is warm, it runs okay it's probably not in the guts of the carbs, and you may very well have water/fuel issues. The other option is that the choke isn't making the mixture rich enough for cold starting. Metho would probably help starting whether or not there is water there, but it's not a long term solution. If your poking around in there, also check that the mounting blocks that hold the carbs to the manifold are not leaking air into the intake system.
  15. Any different to using brake fluid on a car carby? It makes you look like your doing a cool burnout at the same time! ;)

    I suppose it would need to be pressurised to squirt it in horizontally huh...
  16. This much metho will eventually dry out the rubber seals in the carbys and course more trouble.

    If your getting that much water in your tank, i'd be looking at other reasons.
    Do you always fill up at the same servo ? if so change servo's ASAP

    Does that help any ?

    As for your other question NO it wont be wise to remove and clean your carbys by yourself, there is alot more inside those things than you may think.

  17. Hope you haven't been filling up from that safeway/caltex place, my bike was running like shit after putting in a tank of premium from there a week ago.

    If you want to clean the carbies you really have to clean the needles/floats/etc properly, to do that you have to pull the whole thing apart. Doing what jd said (spraying them with carby cleaner) wont fully clean them but if they are in bad shape it'll certanly make things better.
  18. you need to fill your tank up full every night. otherwise, theres heaps of room inside the tank for condensation. keep a jerry can handy.
  19. Metho doesn't work that quickly. It evaporates the water gradually.
  20. Actually the purpose of adding metho is that it allows the water to mix through the petrol - rather than all sitting on the bottom of the tank (so the engine runs on a dilute water petrol mix rather than trying to run on straight water).