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Will it Wheelie, Mister?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MV, May 16, 2012.

  1. Can-Am_Spyder_left_urban.

    There's one of these getting around the Yarraville area, I often see it parked outside the RSL or on my commute home.

    I saw it last night while I was stopped at the lights, it was stopped on the other side of the intersection.

    At first I thought it was a bike, I said to my self "Sweet, wheelie time, we'll see if he replies in kind". Whilst I was waiting to let loose, I notice it's a Can-Am, & not a bike like I thought. Then the lights on the otherside of the intersection went green, leaving me sitting at the red watching him ride off. It dulled my enthusiasm somewhat, but I still did a little wheelie. It was pretty shit.

    So, will a Can-Am even Wheelie? The engine I think is the same Rotax used in the SV/RSV/TL bikes, so it should be capable :)

  2. hmm you'd be doing well keeping it steady if it lifted tho
  3. That is a fair chunk of weight with a fairly long wheelbase and forwards weight bias for it to lift.

    I would be well and truley impressed to see one popped up on the back wheel.
  4. That's an awful lot of front end weight to pick up. I don't see it happening meself.
  5. Does that thing steer through a steering column?
  6. I'm going to guess you'd have some serious trouble getting the front up on that, but I'd have fun trying, either that or give my self a hernia!
  7. I think it would be much better at massive rolling burnouts from the lights.
    Line that back tyre up with all the oil dropped from cars, dial up the revs and drop the clutch.
    Sounds like great fun to me.
  8. I'd say no chance, but powerskids would be fun

    Like my roadliner clutch dump and it wheelspins across the lights, the front will never come up...
  9. Saw a guy up in the hills once with one of those. He was all strapped on to it, and he had his wheel chair attached to a rack on the back.

    Can't keep real riders down.
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  10. I think it could be done, but I don't think it's something you could do anywhere, anytime. You'd need the right place and the right circumstances, and full throttle in 1st gear. And I think you'd have pretty much no steering / directional control once it was up.

    Also, they have a traction control. I'm not sure if it can be switched off or not. If not, no wheelies, no burnouts ...
  11. Its only got a 1000cc twin so its not that fast, i rode one when they had the demo days. No way that it would lift the front.

    You cant drift on it either as the tcs kicks in when you get it out of line. They will do burnouts in a straight line

    Its kind of fun seeing how fast you can go round corners without falling off. Its hard to stay on as you have to hold on with your legs.
  12. I've seen them do some rad rolling burnouts, you must be able to switch it off to some extent...
  13. WTF? What do you use to hold onto your bikes VC?
  14. Yeah but the bike leans so you get pushed into the seat rather than off the side.

    When i did it someone hit the guard rail and fell off, then the bike went across three lanes. I was in front and looked back and saw a guy chasing the trike that was riderless.
  15. I see, my mistake. They need a deadman switch by the sounds of it.
  16. They are usually pretty keen to give test rides, get one if you can.
  17. Its got a built in esky upfront, I think a wheelie would ruin the beers.. :)
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  19. I've always regarded all the clambering around you have to do to stay on board when cornering a three wheeler fast to be a major part of the fun. On my first combo I was only limited in how far I could hang off on left handers by the need to still reach the throttle :twisted:. Actually stepping off the bike and into the sidecar is for advanced students only and is firmly in the showing off category rather than a legitimate routine riding technique :D.

    As far as the Can-Am goes, I haven't had a go on one but I'd speculate that a decent amount of body lean coupled with wedging the edge of the seat in your arse crack should adequately counteract any Gs it can pull. Strictly speaking, though, right-way-round trikes work better with car type accommodation.
  20. Should be all right if you put it down gently :D.