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Will it suit me????

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Pezza, May 29, 2008.

  1. Hey guys.

    Ok Story goes is my fathers friend from work is selling his Suzi GSF 1250S, He is offering it to me for ~$9,000 it has a Yoshi RS-3? and got the top case and panniers.

    Now id buy it in an instant but the bike being >200kg and me being around 5"7 or 8 and around 65kg. i dont have much meat on me. Will this bike be just too heavy for me? or if i can flat foot it on the ground whilst sitting on the bike would that be enough for me to hold the bike up without dropping?

    Please gimme your opinion guys
  2. I'd sure as hell want to flatfoot a bike that heavy.. Perhaps go sit on it and see whether you can.
  3. Well naturally you've got to test ride it, but I'll tell you what I reckon.

    The bandit is a big-arse bike for big blokes. It has massive power everywhere and can be a fun ride, but it does need to be shown who's boss and it won't handle anything like your CBR. In fact you'll feel like you're riding a couch on top of a barge after a CBR.

    I don't think it's likely to be the right bike for ya. And $9G is a lot, even for the newer ones. That sorta dough will get you a CBR6F4i or any number of other great machines.
  4. It's going to be close because it is a fairly large bike. But remember their seat can be adjusted a bit (it has three positions: low, normal and high - low is something like 2.5cm lower than normal). So that might help.
  5. I'm 5'8" and ride a Bandit 1200. Can't flat foot it on both sides, but can get the balls of my feet on the ground on both sides, and really haven't had a lot of hassles with the size of the bike. Mind you, I don't get much change out of 100 kg, so we're quite different builds.

    The Bandit is a great bike, but as Loz said 9 grand is a lot of money for one. Mine is a 1999 model but I only paid $4700 for it. Mind you, all the 1250s on Bikesales are around 11, so if it's in good nick and low km it might be a deal.

    But it does sound as though maybe it's not the ideal bike for you - I love mine, but I got it to haul my beefy frame around and pillion my curvaceous wife... ;)
  6. thanks for all the input guys. ill have to look at something like an sv or a vtr instead me thinks.
  7. I am 5'6", 65kg and have a k8 1250s. Handling is no problem. I usually flat foot one side of the bike or can balance on balls of the feet.
    The weight distribution is great and the bike pretty much balances itself.
    Take it for a test ride.
    9K would be dependant of which year model and mileage.
  8. If seat height and weight are what you are worried about the bandit no worse than these. In fact I'd say from a seat height perspective the bandit would be better.

    $9k for the newer ones (1250S) is not a bad place to start haggling, but it'd want to have low k's and you'd want to end up closer to $8-8.5K.
  9. Nickname change me thinks... Pro-jockey
  10. lol yeah i figured he was taller too.

    $9 isnt a bad price for a 1250 in good nick. not a awesome father-son bargain though.
  11. Well its an 07 Bandit. it has under 5,000km. and usual mods like a/m exhaust etc.
  12. so new there about $13k by the time you get it on the road. so $9k does sound reasonable.

    I'd say it's worth going and sitting on.
  13. Nuh uh, WD's new name is Supreme Dolt - Village Idiot Of Netrider. It's a bit long but it's pretty accurate.

    If you can hold the bike up, can ride the bike and most of all aren't intimidated by the bike's size then it's fine for you. The price is something you could negotiate - "Remember who picks the old age home Dad" sort of thing. :)