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Will it rain tomorrow (1st dec) in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Freeform, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. So...

    I find BOM and other sites rather unreliable, and the forecast is a bit dubious, with sites clashing for tomorrows prediction.

    I have the day off tomorrow and was thinking about waking up early and going for a long ride around the hills...

    I will still probably wake up early and go anyway, unless the sky is death black.

    So in conclusion this post has absolutely no point at all, except for those budding meteorologists/psychics who want to place some bets on the outcome of tomorrows weather.
    Good luck and may the luckiest and most accurate predictions win

  2. and who cares if it does? go riding anyways!
  3. No it will certainly not.

    The weather is fixed in advance. It's all a conspiracy.
    It says so in wiki-leak number 512,456.
    Honestly, am I the only one the reads this stuff?
  4. @ Lowercase thats the point, I will anyway, I just started writing it and thought meh Ill post it anyway :D

    @Chollima, wikileaks is brilliant, im inclined to believe you.

    @ Lilley, that site is part of the conspiracy, EVIL! (but super duper helpful)
  5. It IS Melbourne..
  6. why should YOU miss out; it's pouring in Wollongong :rofl:?
  7. hehe hornet :D

    Well im about to leave anyway, wish me luck.
  8. luck sent via express post
  9. The climate is controlled via the HAARP installations around the globe

    damn them
  10. Judging from the Radar...we will get rain tonight and tomorrow...hopefully the rain will die down before it reaches the CBD as it passes over the ranges and dumps it's H2O into out catchments :D. North of NSW has some rain but I think it will die down by the time it reaches Melbourne...fingers crossed for a semi dry high 20s weekend...beer garden aren't as entertaining in the rain unless I bring a poncho. Poncho party?
  11. looking outside as I type, Yes i can confidently say that it will rain this afternoon...
  12. FUK YES
    Just rode home in it totally unprepared
    Wet as
  13. Freeform I think your question has been answered.

    smee it's worst when you're on the bike and while unprepared you cop a shower.
  14. Well something Melbourne and Brisbane share, for today at least. I have already had the total November rainfall on this one day in December......wet wet wet rings a bell.