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Will it ever work again?.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by BoogieMan, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. As much as there has been a great length of discution regarding the org.au/com.au I think an important question still remains to be answered....

    Will the address netrider.net.au ever really work again???

    As I mentioned in the other thread for one ALL the number plate frames say org.au..... and for the Idea that these frames are supposed to promote the site..... is it really going to work if you get nothing but an error note sayign it is no longer available.....

    I'm sure many of the options have been looked at but is there not even the option to set up a forward or a link to say the site has moved??....

    I'm not sure if my opinion really matters to those in charge... But surley my point of view does raise something worth discussing further....

    *END RANT*
  2. if you go to netrider.net.au the page redirects you to netrider.net.au after 10 seconds so its already working as best it can while certain issues are sorted out.
  3. Take a guess, between 1 and 10, how much I hate that statement?

    Everyone's opinion matters. (as long as you all agree with me :p:p:p )

    No, seriously, We may appear to not be listening at certain times but I can assure you that everyones opinion is heard.

    Even Glen's :D

    As for the .org.au ever working again.......that I cannot answer as we do not have control of that domain.
  4. Yea, i never thought about that. The number plates with .org.au. Actually today when I was over at the Yarra Shire council before leaving for the Reefton ride, I was having a chat with another rider, and I was mentioning to him about netrider. I was saying, "yea go to www dot netrider... *pauses*.. err, dot com dot au..... hmm"
  5. Not anymore, seems he has removed the forward :cry: :cry:
  6. So he has....thats pretty poor form!!
  7. Hmmm so now it seems we are faced with a problem.....

    Do we get little stickers made up to 'Correct' the frames.... or do we have to threaten to kill someone to get the link re-established?
  8. Apart from the numberplate frames, didn't pretty much every bit of merchandising have netrider.net.au? Caps, windcheaters and whatever else was available.
  9. Yeah good point... stickers wont work for them :p
  10. In my opinion the issue of merchandise is secondary. I am in the situation of having several pieces of merchandise, but if - when all is said and done - netrider (as we know it currently) moves to netrider.net.au or .net.au then so be it. I will paint my numberplate, and order a new cap (I will keep the old neck warmer - doesn't get enough use to justify a new one...)

    I hope that everything ends up being resolved so that the merchandise issue isn't relevant (i.e. move back to .org.au), but whatever the outcome I will continue to support netrider...

    (p.s. another 'bigger' issue than merchandise in my opinion is connecting 'new' riders (new meaning people who have not found netrider yet). Google has netrider.net.au as one of the top searches if you enter 'motorcycle australia'. Thus, if netriders (as we know it) does move many unsuspecting riders may find the wrong netrider in assumption that it is the proper one...)
  11. The new merchandise has the new logo without the .org.au so not a real issue there.

    As for the old netrider passing itself off as the true and correct netrider........what does one do?
    Here's hoping that JF isn't that pathetic.