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Will it charge from riding?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ANDO, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. Yep left the key on and battery went flat :oops:

    So bump started it and rode it for an houre and stoped and went to start - still dead.

    will the bike put some charge in it (it's very dead, key was on for a long time :x )

  2. Normally the battery gets charged up when you ride. However, it depends on how old your battery is and how frequenty l you ride.
    I'd have RACNSW or an auto electrician check it out.
    They can hook their mega industrial battery charger on for a while and then load test your battery to see whether its dead.
  3. If the battery is a couple of years old it could probably do with a replace. Even an average quality new battery will be better than a good quality ageing battery.
    How long did you leave the key in it for?
  4. Well the battery is less then a year old and I left the key on when i was at work (8 houres!!! :|)
  5. If it is not accepting charge, and it sounds like it's not, then either the battery is knackered, or, more likely given it's a Honda, the voltage regulator, which controls the volume of the charge going INTO the battery, is 'hors de combat'.

    Go to your dealer and get him to test your idling charge; if it's not around 13 volts, you need to replace the regulator, costs around $160 plus labour.
  6. It should have charged enough with more then say 10 min of riding.

    So you've either:

    let the water run low
    Let the water run low and fried a cell
    fried a cell on jump start
    or the alternator has coincidently gone at the same time.

    Check your water level (if it's not a sealed battery) then repeat the jump start and ride.

    If it's still no good then get it started and put a voltmeter (multimeter) across the battery terminals. It should be reading over 13V (probably 14V) if the alternator is good.

    If it is charging then the battery is stuffed
  7. Hook up a battery charger over night. Sometimes that can get a battery working again.
  8. Thanx,

    none of the lights will work (no headlight, N , or blinker lights) if the bike isn'r running, but if the bike is running and I rev it all the light grt brighter - does this mean the alternator is working ( I will check with voltmeter tonight)

    thanx for all the help :)
  9. The alternator should be able to run the lights and still charge a little.

    It does read like you have a short somewhere. The alternator is trying to charge but either the battery has a lost cell or as hornet suggested the regulator is stuffed.

    Check your fuses too. You may have blown one on the jump start.

    And battery coonnections
  10. I havent jump started it, just cluch started it - the bike runs fine when I push / cluch / bump (whatever you wanto call it ) start it, runs good everything works (all the light get brighter when I rev) then I hit the kill switch turn the key off - start here all back up again - no light no elect start - so push start it and works fine.

    I think I must have fried the battery by leaving the key on all day ( doubt there would be much charge after that)

    could it be it's just to flat for the bike to carge?
  11. Check the ignition fuse.
  12. from my memeory of regulators etc...... if the lights get noticably brighter when you rev it... it sounds like the regulator..... i know my car had ia similar prob not long ago.

    still do all the checks on the battery....
  13. I dont anderstad how there could be anything wrong - there has never been a prob with charge, always runs/starts good - it all started after I left the key/headlight on for 8 hours,

    so would doing this make the battery so flat that the bike carnt charge it?

    If so - can I just put it on a charger over night ?

    thanx and sorry for my noobiness :|
  14. Running a bike on a stuffed battery can stuff the regulator, so it's definately a possibility.

    I'd check all my fuses first.
  15. So if my battery is stuffed - I MIGHT stuff the regulator?

    what are the chances of this?
  16. Hard to say cause I don't know much about the type of bike. But I do know that on a lot of Suzuki bikes, it is a good possibility. Get a shop to test it.
  17. I had a flat battery on the Hornet, replaced the battery with a new, fully-charged battery and a week later it too was flat. The reason? The regulator was shot, either before the first battery died (cause or effect?) or after it was replaced. That's how come I stated a price for a Honda regulator; just ask any VFR owner :)
  18. Thanx guys,

    I will put this one on charge - see what happens, if that dont work I will buy a new battery - if that don't work new regulator.

    p,s love the sig hornet , Jimmy's da man ;)
  19. ahhhhh,when a 19 year old says that, you just know the future is safe :D

    and yes, I am growing older, but not up :LOL:
  20. LOL - yea my dad got me into him, fun songs - good music :)