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Will I look like a tool?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by removed-6, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. Yes, go for it. Just to break them in.

  2. Yes, an time as long as you can ride to match the outfit.

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  3. No way, total tool! One piece is for the track only.

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  1. I need to break in my one piece leathers, can I ride with them on the road without looking like a total tool?

  2. Hey Triway or is that tri-hard?? :p :p

    Yeah go for it mate, I wish I had a one or two piece for the road.
  3. Well it depends:

    ... do the colours match your scooter?
  4. Owch!!! :LOL:

    Go for it, just put a sign saying "breaking in - I'm not a total tool" on your back...
  5. if your knee sliders dont have any scrapes on them then youll look like a real toolshiner so rip em straight off and rub them on the road and youll look hard.
  6. No more a tool than what PNUT looks :rofl:
  7. .... only if you fall over in your driveway.... :LOL:
  8. I think your a tool for caring...:p
    Just wear them, I always used to wear a one piece on weekends and all spirited riding.
  9. Yes it matches :grin:

    OK, GOR here I come :grin:

    I would have done it anyway, just wondering if I was going to break an 'unwritten rule' of sportsbike riding or something stupid.
  10. who gives what people think.............do whatever you like

    get a matching mohawk too :grin:
  11. can i wear no clothes on any bike and make it a naked?? (and yes i've thought of the gravel rash implications possibl from this)
  12. Wearing something that can protect your life and/or skin (literally) if it ever comes to "being needed", don't think it makes you look like a tool but more like a tool if you don't wear them when you own some. Plus wearing one piece leathers give ya +10 street cred in st kilda and chapel st :wink: Best thing is to wear your leathers when buying groceries down the supermarket, even if you drove to it in a car :wink: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. No Bennos, that would be very uncool. The topic is about looking like a tool, not flashing it about :LOL:
  14. 2 options for a yes answer, 1 option for no? If you want an accurate answer, change the poll options to answering 'Yes' or 'No'. :idea:
  15. hard core riders wear nothing less man..
  16. Anywhere, anytime is cool.

    It is possibly uncool if you buy custom made ultra tight fitting leathers without a fly, you need to take a leak, you're riding on your own, you go to remove the top section and ... you get stuck.

    For these reasons I'd prefer to wear them in around the house when someone else is at home.

    Or break them in where I break most things in: at the track (PI). That's where I broke in Rosalina .
  17. You guys crack me up. :rofl:

    Hell, you spent the money.....get your moneys worth....wear them EVERYWHERE...rest of the world is just jealous.
  18. Just sleep in 'em. That'll break 'em in. :wink:
  19. Just let me know when your going to go riding around the Marsh all decked out.

    Will call my brother to follow you around, just to make sure you get more attention then you want. :LOL:

    Truth be known, no one will even look twice @ what gear your wearing.
  20. JUst whack em on and get out there. Who gives a shit as long as you think you look the goods, dont worry about what others think.. Besides i would be more inclined to look twice at somone in shorts and t/shirt and call them a tool than someone in full leathers protecting themselves.