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Will I look like a loser?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kyan, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. This is a serious question before you simply resond 'yes'!

    I am thinking of buying a 250cc cruiser like a Suzuki vl250 or a Yamaha XV250 as a first bike. Are these bikes taken seriously by other riders or are they just considered 'toys' for learner riders? I mean they look alright but is that about it?

    Another option is a Honda CBF250....

    Any other recommendations?
  2. If you're absolutely sold on the cruiser look, then go for it.

    But be aware they go, stop and turn much worse than their nakedbike competitors. You will be left behind by other 250s on ride days, and your motorcycle won't be in much of a position to help you out of trouble should you get into it. I consider 250cc cruisers pretty pointless, only people who know nothing about bikes will say "wow, cool," te rest of us will snigger behind our hands at coffee nights as if you rolled up with a Hyosung.

    Buy a VTR250 if you want to put yourself ahead of the game. The nakedbikes have a similar engine-centric aesthetic that you'll grow to love, plus they actually handle.
  3. Cruisers work better with big lazy motors that have heaps of torque, but if the look of a cruiser is what you like then go for it.

    Don't worry about what other people think so much... it's your bike, what matters is that you like it :)
  4. +1 what Loz said.

    Clearly the bike matters little to you, it's more how everyone else will perceive you..
    Most seasoned riders will laugh at all cruisers, particularly the 250cc varieties. :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Yeah a 250 cruiser is something of an oxymoron since there's nothing "cruisy" about revving the crap out of an engine just to maintain the speed limit. Still plenty of people do start out with one, of the two you mentioned the XV is probably the best pick since it at least handles corners reasonably well.
  6. I think 250cc cruises are the ultimate.. however its kind of mandatory cruising, you can't choose to pick up the pace.

    That said, I think some of them would look great with me and my multicoloured helmet, I'd love the out of place young person on a cruiser look :grin: But I'd get over it after a week given that I have to commute on my bike :(
  7. yes it is a little vain to be worried about what other people think i agree... but iam sure iam not the only one

    btw thanks for the tips... i'll check out the VTR250.
  8. Cruisers are vain to start with, so whether it's cool or not is a legit question.
  9. Are u riding for yourself or for what other people think? Of course riding has image or a perceived image/desire to look and ride a certain way. Use the search function here, check the bikes out, sit/test ride 'em, the right one will find you :)

    As long as you're out there doing it and learning/improving every day, that's what counts.
  10. You can tell we have alot of cruiser riders here :LOL:

    If there is LAMS where you are buying, consider a bigger cc cruiser, assuming thats the style you want.
  11. woops double post
  12. sorry dood, i automatically clicked yes, because if you have to ask a forum......you already know the answer. ;)
  13. hahahah that is alright i was expecting about 90% yes
  14. mate, just so long as it isnt a cb250 or a scooter [sorry!] u be fine!
  15. +1 for the scooter
  16. All 250's are the laughing stock of the motorcycling community, so it doesnt matter which one you get.

    Well, maybe RGV's and RS arent...
  17. :rofl:
    you are a BAD man andrew :rofl:
  18. I always liked cruisers, but I had loan of one from a the bike mechanic while mine had its service. I understand going from a LAMS 500 to a 250 will be different but I was suprised by the lack of power. This thing just had nothing. The GS is not too bad for getting out of somewhere quick but with the XV250 you had to make sure you didnt get there in the first place.

    On saying that it was quite a fun thing to ride, very easy to handle. But I can see why newish riders learn on a 250 cruiser and upgrade to a 1000cc and wipe themselves out.

    Cheers good luck with your decision
  19. Don't worry about these sports bike "owners" ,they can't "ride" there sports bike for shit .
    Talk about vain ,they all think there Rossi while standing next to it at the coffee shop, while dressed up as a power ranger in their $2000 raceing suit. Talk about LAUGHT :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I bet a $100000 ,half of them havn't even riddin the new cruisers and can see who fast and how much fun they are .

    Having said that ,even I get a laught when you see a 7 foot 120kg ,guy with a L plate on the 250cc cruiser. :shock:
  20. As a new-ish sportsbike rider I've got to agree with you there mate! Seriously, the majority of larger-capacity sportsbikes I see ride like learners through twisties, but are really fast in a straight line. :roll: Of course, there are people who ride them well, and they are very quick.

    I eagerly await flaming from any insecure GSXCBRZ1 riders :LOL: