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Will I be on a 250 for more than 15 months

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. I am still on Car P plates and will be for another 26 months. Know I thought that I would be able to get off a 250cc in 15 months. but going by this I will be stuck on a 250cc till I get off my car P Plates.

    Could someone please explain/ help me if this. When I get my 250cc can I upgrade in 15 months or not.

    I found this piece of info,
    Riding Your Motor cycle
    When you have your motor cycle licence issued, regardless if it is full or probationary, the following restrictions apply for 12 months. They are:

    * you cannot ride a motor cycle with an engine capacity exceeding 260 cubic centimetres
    * you must not ride a motor cycle while carrying a pillion passenger (a motorcycle and sidecar is acceptable with a passenger)
    * if you already have a full motorcar licence, you must have a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .00% when riding a motor cycle

    I think this means I can upgrade after the 12 months. But I still have to display P's. Is this correct?
  2. Yes
    (message not too short, it's concise dammit)
  3. 12 mths after you have your licence you can ride whatever bike you like regardless of your car licence. You will also not need to display your P plate on the bike.

    During that first 12mths if you have a full licence in a car you do not have to display your P plate. but if you don't you will need to display the plate.
  4. hi,

    My understanding is that when you have come off your restrictions bike, you effectively have a full bike licence even if you have a probationary car licence.
    Having said that i still would be adhereing to a .00 BAC just in case there is some technicality that they could get you on with that.

  5. Sorry forgot this piece of info, which stats that my Bike P's will end when my Car P's end.

    if you already have a probationary car licence, you will be issued with a probationary motorcycle licence as well. The probationary period will end at the same time as your probationary car licence.
  6. If you have a probationary car licence then you DO need to display P-plates on your bike since you still only have a probationary licence (at least in Victoria), this is why you occasionally see 600-1000cc bikes with P-plates.
  7. Do you get sent out a new licence in the mail, saying your new restrictions.
    Or do you just go off the date your P's were issued?
  8. hmmm.. that puts a different spin on things.
    I would ring vicroads about the 250cc question. Look like you may be stuck with a 250 for longer?? but i would think that you would be able to have a larger cc bike but have to display your p plate.
  9. Yes, you are correct.
    I'm in the opposite situation. I get off my car P's in 4 weeks time, but am on my bike restrictions for a further 10 months. So even though i will no longer have to display my P's on my bike, I will still be limited to a <260cc bike.
    This was confirmed by the HART instructors, so it is accurate.
  10. yeh when u get a license showing both bike & car on there, it will
    have on the back of the license when the restriction period ends
  11. Exactly what kishy said.

    I'm glad I dont have to go through that crap!
  12. Glad someone knows what they're talking about. Ignore previous mis-information.

    Once off your learners, your bike and car license are a single license. If it's a probationary license for three years, then it's probationary for both: they're both on the same card. Your license will be printed with a 'bike restrictions expiry date' on it, after which you can ride a bigger bike. This is regardless of the status of your license: you CAN ride a bigger bike on your P's (if restrictions have expired). Note that the other restrictions of being a P plater still apply (no drinking, for example).

    You WILL need to display your P plate on the bike, as you still have a probationary license. The key thing to remember is you have just one license: not one for the car, one for the bike. (Learner permits are different... because they are just that: permits, not licenses).
  13. Thanks for your help. I am glad thats the case. I didn't want to be stuck with a 250cc for 2 or more years. But if its only a case of 00 BAC and displaying P plates, that fine by me as I am use to that. :grin:
  14. But...

    What if... hypothetically... You have no car licence at all, but you then get your full bike licence?

    This would mean you could ride an unlimited capacity machine plus you woundn't have to obey 0.00 Alcohol.

    Seems the legislation is messed up. Having 1 licence gives you less restriction than having 2.

    It should be simpler. If you spend 12 months on your bike P's, then you should be able to drink a little and drive, not display plates etc.. But still have to display plates and not drink if you take the car.

    This is the only way that makes sense.
  15. No, if you have no licence at all then when you pass your bike licence test you will be issued with a probationary licence that lasts for 3 years (although restrictions still only last 12 months). Doesn't matter which licence you get first (bike or car) you're still going to be subject to 3 years of 0.00 BAC and displaying P's (in Victoria, although this may change soon to 4 years).