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Will I be able to hold a Bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. I have a quick question for you, I weigh about 56 Kg and about 5 ' 7" tall.

    Will I be able to hold a bike upright ?

    If anyone else has any similar experiences I would love to hear them. :grin:
  2. yes.

    only difficulty you might encounter is with picking it up after dropping it, and even then it can be done if you know the right way. my GF is shorter and lighter (well, at least she WAS until she got pregnant :LOL: ) than you and she rides a 400 with no worries at all.
  3. I weigh a little less and am sligthly shorter, and yes I can hold a bike upright. Even heavier bikes like the Honda Shadow 750. If it ever fell over I doubt I'd be able to pick it up though.

    Have only ever had to pick up one bike (my own), XV250 Virago, and yes - did it on my own without too many problems. I think it weighs a tad under 180kg.
  4. Unless u have the strength of wet toilet paper, u should be fine :wink:
  5. Well I'm 53kg, 5'10"ish and a girl (apparently some people think this makes a difference.... :? )

    I can quite easily & comfortably hold up my CBR250R.

    I could even hold up PNUT's CBR600 & now I can hold up his VTR1000 (Storm).....yes I know, I am amazing....hehehehehe :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I can't comment on picking one up after it's been dropped cos when I went down last Thursday, my bike was picked up and brought home while I was on my way to hospital but I woulda LOVED to give it a go. I reckon I coulda done it :wink:

    But seriously, you will have no problems in the world :grin:
  6. My wife is smaller than you, and she gets along OK ;)

    She finds maneuvering in car parks etc to park the bike is a little challenging because she's not tall, but other than that - no worries ;)
  7. Im same height, simmilar weight, and a girl with no strenght and Im absolutly fine. Holding it upright is more about ballance than strength, as is preventing a drop... but once its down i struggle a bit. Can even hold up voyagers new bike... but moving it... :LOL:
    People who are 5 foot tall still can ride so dont stress about your height or weight.
  8. Can you stand up without falling over?
    Then you can hold a bike upright.

    It wont try and fall over unless you put it off balance, and once you're moving you'll be fine
  9. Thanks for your help.

    Depends how much I've been drinking

  10. I can lift my motorcycle.... and I only weight twice what you do...
  11. nah its all about what you can do, just try lifting some off the grass with someone to help u if u topple it. I lifted my friends 260kgish bandit 1200 and i'm 60kg and 5'8''
  12. Some bikes are quite heavy. My obvious experience is with my 12. Full tank of fuel and with other fluids its probably pushing 235kg!! The only thing you will find with the weight is if you need to move it. Riding wise you wont notice it too much. Your size and weight will be very well suited to a 600.
  13. Go Lankiness!!

    I'm probally similar or less strength to you at 57kg and 6 ' 1 " tall. I live in NSW (on my P's using LAM's) and recently upgraded from a 250 to a 500.

    I did drop my first two-fiddy a couple of times, but it was only due to rider stupidity, not strength.

    One particularly memorable incident, I was lost in a part of town on roads I'd never seen at 1am.

    I was exhausted and feeling panicky. I decided to do a U-turn and go home in the next side street I came to. This street happened to be the steepest road I had ever seen.

    Moral of the story- Don't attempt U-turns at 1am on hills with a 40 degree verticle climb :oops:

    In this incident I was lucky that a passing car driver came along and helped us pick up the bike (the road was so steep, it was upside down), but normally bikes are 'easy as' to lift up from the horizontal.

    You get used to the weight very quickly. If you're small I'd reccommend starting out on an older bike you don't mind dropping, but I promise you'll only do it once or twice at the most and then you'll be able to buy a shiny new bike with no fear of ever dropping it.
  14. The thing I find the worst is wheeling it while its slightly off centre, and more so when the tank is full of petrol.. it ends up really leaning on me and i feel like an idiot cos its gonna knock me over, but with practice its all good. I havn't been knocked over by my bike yet.
  15. This thread has made me feel fat :LOL:
  16. If your BMX knocks you over everytime you try to rid it then don't bother. :p

    If you can hold a pushie upright then a motorbike will be no different. Seriously, they can be heavy, but only after they've fallen. If it's upright it will feel light as a feather. I'm 5'10" and 75kg, yet the Rocket III felt light as a feather to sit on. Mind you I wouldn't want to drop one. :LOL:
  17. Mate........ I over balanced and dropped my (old) new bike against my wifes new car........ it's amazing the strength you find when fear kicks in.. :LOL: :LOL:
  18. I am 94kilo, should I sell my bike and take up needlepoint :grin:
    My car is really heavy and I can drive it, I just sit in the seat and awayyyyyyy we go. Just like my bike.
  19. actually riding the bike isn't the problem when you're small & light - it's manouvering in & out of your driveway when your'e just sitting on it & paddle walking.

    But if you stick to something under 900cc's you should be able to reach the ground & therefore have balance with no trouble.