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Will Honda ever release a 600 Hornet Replacement?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Chief, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. When I did my rider training some months ago the instructor mentioned that there may be a replacement for the 600 Hornet in the wings? With other manufacturers still supporting the 600/650 format such as the FZ6, GSR600, SV650, ER6 I wonder why Honda don't have a bike in this space since dropping the 600 Hornet? Can anyone shed any light, know any more?

  2. I was looking for a 600 Hornet originally, for when I got off my P's. My local dealer told me that Honda were stopping it due to lack of demand. I'd quite like one though, too....
  3. There is a all new 600 hornet coming out in 2007... whether or not they land it in Aus...?
  4. Yeah rumour is there will be a new 600 Hornet for next year (and a 1000cc version) - no guarantee they'll ever be sold here though. In fact I don't think production of the 600 ever actually stopped - they just ceased selling them here. Really have to wonder about Honda sometimes, I mean they still produce the 250 Hornet yet don't sell it here. And they also have the CBF500 sold in Europe, which I think comes in under the LAMS power/weight limit, yet isn't sold here either (leaving the GS500 and ER-5 unchallenged).
  5. Yes I believe the Hornet 1000 is availble in EU, and i would so buy a new 250 Hornet coz they are so much fun - better than any other new 250's out here. Unless you wanted something with lots of plastic.

    ... and the going price in Japan is just ¥550,000 about AUD$6k
  6. I actually asked Honda via their web site a similar question and all I got was a terse one-liner from "Motorcycle Marketing" saying that the CBR600F is their bike against these other models. They don't appear to know much about this style of bike do they?
  7. im.on.it I also priced a 250 hornet, makes you sad when we pay 8k for a VTR250. I have some mates studyin Japanese maybe a field trip is in order.
  8. Meh, that's what greyness is for ;)
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  10. IMHO once Honda are forced once again to look past their "market leader arrogance" and see that not having a hornet 600 equivalent will hurt the bottom line, then they probably will re-introduce one into OZ.

    Yamaha, Suzy, Kwaka, even Hyosung are doing OK with their 600 nekid's and semi nekid "bloody good fun" bikes.

    I think the Oz market has a bigger "what wins on Sunday sells on Monday" mind set than a lot of other places, therefore selling more of the R6-R1, CBR, VTR, GSXR type sports bikes, but a return to the hornet, and the "adventure tourer" models is gaining momentum. Not everyone likes the fully faired, nut crushing hi-reving sports bikes.

    Just my 2.25 cents worth

  11. Interesting, found some sales stats for bikes in Europe last year and the top 5 were:
    Yamaha FZ6
    BMW R1200GS
    Kawasaki Z750
    Suzuki Bandit 650
    Honda Hornet 600
    So 4 of the top 5 bikes are middleweight nakeds, and two of those are bikes not sold here :?.
  12. I sent about 7 e-mails to Honda MPE (i.e honda australia) before i bought my 2nd hand hornet, asking whether they intended to release the hornet 600 in the year 2006 or 2007. i received no answer at all from them.

    Yes it's still being produced, it's available in the USA as the "599", in the UK, and throughout europe.

    No it's not available here, because Honda Australia don't want to import it. apparently they don't believe there is much demand for it.

    However, yes rumours are true that Honda will be releasing a brand new Hornet 600 in 2007 in europe, the UK, and America. Whether Honda Australia wake up & decide to release it here remains to be seen.
  13. Yes, and that combined with 'the bigger the better' mindset is what probably made Honda Australia decide it wasn't worth their while to bring the likes of Hornet 600 and CBF500 here - because they've always been, and continue to be available in Europe.. But the times are changing - the fact is that 600cc road (ie, not super sport) bikes make all kinds of sense. And with the influx of commuter rather than 'recreational' riders and returning riders on one hand, and rising costs of running larger machines on the other, even our market is starting to come around to the idea that 600cc can be just the right size for a road-going bike. Hence popularity of SV650s, ER-6 and GSRs of late...

    Honda can either wake up, or miss out.
  14. Here's some gossip on the 2007 Hornets

    Honda will update many models for the 2007 season where the emphasis will be on bringing the whole model range up to Euro 3 standards. With increasing competition in the naked middleweight segment from the likes of Suzuki GSR 600 and BMW F800S Honda will update their 600 Hornet model next year.

    It is also expected that both Yamaha and Kawasaki will update their FZ6 and Z750. Honda will most likely use a newer version of the CBR600RR engine and a chunky swing arm GSR (or in Hondas case CBR style) style. Honda already has a sensible middleweight in the CBF600 with budget components. CB600F will continue to be more sports orientated with ace handling, new top spec radial mounted brake callipers and more power than today. CG by Robert O’Brien
  15. There is no Hornet 1000, it's pure rumour which has been doing the rounds for years now.

    The 600 was a sales flop in Aus. The big sellers here are dirt bikes and superbikes.
  16. jeez, Loz, you sure know how to kill a thread :LOL: