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Will a VTR engine fit a Spada?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Brij, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. Hey,
    Well sadly the spada...Spud, the potato warrier decided to blow himself up last night. Looks to be the timing chain, therefore I have been advised it will be best to throw a second hand engine in as fixing it would be approx $2000.
    Does anyone know if I specifically have to place another spada engine in it or will the mounts on the VTR engine also fit in a spada?

  2. There was a thread about 12 months ago. I think it's OK so long is it's not the early vt250 (mid-80s)
  3. The engine mounting points are completely different.

    You cannot just drop in a VTR250 engine into a Spada. (I'm talking about the current model here.)

    Why would you want to? The Spada has more HP plus an extra gear (6 in all) to keep it on the boil.

    There should be well-priced Spada engines around from those importers such as Sumoto who specialise in 250s.
  4. dont think well priced and sumoto should ever be used in the same sentance.

    +1 ring around the wreckers for a used spada engine. will be cheap and easier to buy and fit.
  5. Thanks peeps. Been quoted $950 for an engine swap from one of the major wreckers. Don't know if I"ll be able to get better than that. Any ideas?
  6. $1000 is about the going rate for a 250cc engine.
  7. mmhh......... :? the problem was not to find a new engine....i'll think the vtr engine it's ok but remember that you've a spada frame....it works? the bike was perfectly in the other parts? weels , suspensions , brakes..... :eek:
  8. Yes Zetabiker. I blew up the engine. Was riding it at the time.
  9. $950 fitted is a really good price, i'm looking at $800 for a engine i already have to be fitted
  10. Nah the $950 is just the engine. 300-400 for fitting.
  11. yeah ok that sounds about right
  12. mounting points are completley different, cooling system has some differences. spada engine would be the go.

    technical question? is the engine the stressed member on the VTR250 like its big brother. i wouldnt have thought so as the frame seems to be linked to the rear shock.
  13. Brij only asked to see whether she had a wider range of options.

    I think it's clear, she needs the appropriate model engine for her bike.

    Cheers :)
  14. Yes it is. Almost any bike without a front downtube (and the continuation of it under the engine to join the frame at the rear swingarm) is using the engine as a "stressed" member, especially where the swingarm is bolted to plates attached to the rear of the engine. This is the VTR250 method.

    By comparison the Hyosung (cough) 250 uses a full frame. Everything on that bike is stressed (so they say...)

    The upper shock mounting is not the determination of "engine as stressed member".


    Trevor G
  15. yup, all good folks. In the capable hands of Brighton Kwaka as of this am.
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