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Will a loud exhaust fail road worthy? [VIC]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jimmyv, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. sorry if wrong section or been asked before. I read through the VIC roads RWC requirements and I cannot find anything that says there has to be a certain noise restriction for exhaust. Its not really a safety hazard and doesnt make my bike dangerous to ride how can it fail a safety check?

  2. The legal noise limit is 94Db for bikes and 90Db for cars after 1988 I think it is. Any non-standard exhaust will most likely fail a sound test and therefore fail a roadworthy.

    My bike stock is 90Db as per sticker on the bike. All bikes must by law have a sticker stating Db complicance manufactured from 7/88 on.
  3. ok fair enough, thought I was being hard done by. What you say sounds like it had no chance passing
  4. Not necessarily, depends on what you've got. A typical straight through muffler would well over 94Db I reckon, but some exhausts have extra baffles etc that quiten it down, or if it's not straight through you might be ok.
  5. Road worthy testers are not really authorised noise limit testers AFAIK. The last road worthy I went to, I just rode the bike there, and from that point onwards they never started the bike up 'cos they knew that it ran ok given that's how I got there.
  6. I've always wondered, its 90db at what rpm?

    Ive got a aftermarket pipe on my bike which i thought may be to loud but the cops have never asked a question
  7. In my experience RWC testers will fail a bike that is excessively noisy (say a mostly open full system) but something like a Yoshimura bolt on muffler which is noisy only at high revs will pass a many RWC testers.
  8. The sticker on my bike says 90Db at 4600 rpm. I don't know if it varies bike to bike, but I guess it would be like cars at 40% of max rpm or something like that.

    As others have said above it will also depend on the tester, if they do it to the letter of the law or not.
  9. *dupe post*
  10. In my experience, take it to a car mechanic for your blue/pink slips. I'd be surprised if they even turned it on. Easy $30 for them, while the bike shops will try and squeeze you for something.
  11. half of max power rpm. Which means your bike produces peak power at 9200rpm and probably redlines a bit over 10G.

    edit: and here's confirmation of the 9200rpm
  12. Agreed, they look at them with this confused look, check the brake light, indicators and tyres then pass it. I forgot to give the bloke the keys one time and I'd got back and he'd already passed it!
  13. Nah, that's finished now.
  14. It doesn't work that way here in Victoria, you can only get a RWC for a motorcycle, from a VICROADS licensed MC tester.
  15. I have Madaz racing exhaust and recently got a roadworthy. as the bike wasnt registered it had to go to vic roads. They didnt start the bike or even looked at the rear of the bike (tail light has the indicators in them). just quick look and off i went.

    I guess it depends on who does the roadworthy for you. If they are leinient they pass it.
  16. [Vic] Please help or advise!

    I recently bought an unregistered bike and have trouble getting a rwc, i do not have a stock exhaust on, it came with a micron race can, and i do not have the stock with me :(

    I have called up several bike shops to do a rwc and most of them says my exhuast is too loud and would not pass vic roads and because i have trouble finding a stock can, i am unable to register my bike :( somehow or rather, i feel the bike shops are trying to rip me off :/

    I really appreciate some help for this, if anyone can give me suggestions or advise, please do PM me. Its frustrating to buy a bike and not be able to ride it registered.

    ETA: i live on the edge of the city, in north melbourne. Cheers!
  17. A Licensed Vehicle Tester in Victoria is authorised by VicRoads to inspect vehicles and issue Roadworthiness Certificates.

    "If exhaust noise appears too loud, direct applicant to obtain a compliance certificate from an EPA Authorised Testing Station"
    - VicRoads Vehicle Standards Information 26 Section F.

    How a noise can "appear" is anyone's guess. I haven't bothered to ask VicRoads that yet.

    A previous poster has stated that LVT's are not authorised to test for noise.

    That's spot on. I personally only reject Harleys with open pipes that are stupidly noisy. Aftermarket mufflers are fine with me.

    Remember it's only the TESTER'S OPINION on whether it's too loud.
  18. Just find a stock can on ebay or here and buy/borrow them for the purpose of passing rego. There's stock cans sitting in people's garages all over the place.
  19. dostalgia. what kind of bike?
    have a look at wreckers for stock pipe or
    borrow pipe off netrider member for day. process can be aided by beer of course. :)
  20. thanks slowmark :)

    its a CBR600f4i, i have found a workshop that would pass my rwc without a change of an exhaust, heading there tomorrow to get my rwc done :)