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Will a custom paint job decrease the value of my bike??

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by bornlucky88, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Hello all!
    I am new to the bike scene, I am currently riding an 07 GS500. I had a small drop going through a roundabout one early morning and as a result the bike has a 2.5 by 0.5 inch chip out of the paint and graphics on the fuel tank. It can't be patched as the graphics are underneath the clear coat..I have a mate who can respray the whole bike (front gaurd,tank,tail piece) for around $400-700 depending on paint quality, I am looking at pearl. For a new replacement tank from Suzuki it will cost $1000.. I will have the bike for a minimum of 3 years and can get a few simple airbrushed patterns done for $300 on all parts. I am losing sleep over a decision to be made on whether it will be worth respraying the bike.. and if a custom resprayed bike will depreciate much in value to an original!! i would greatly appreciate any word on this matter, Thank You in advance

  2. If I run across a second hand bike that has been sprayed I simply presume that it's been pranged and keep looking elseware....
  3. Yes.
  4. Fair bet... couple of specific issues:

    1) don't try to convince anyone when selling that it hasn't been dropped - they won't believe you. Most learner bikes get dumped at some stage, so that shouldn't be a huge issue anyway.

    2) finding a buyer that has similar enough tastes to you to like whatever graphics you go with might reduce your buyer market.

    3) You will NEVER get your money back with a big job like that on what will be a used bike when you sell it. Don't expect to. A GS500 isn't exactly a fashion statement no matter what you do to it.
  5. In the used vehicle market, whether it be car or bike, if the vehicle is bog stock and in original condition it's more likely to have a higher resale value than if it's been modified, painted in custom paint or whatever.

    Your idea of a good paint job may well be unique. If so then you can expect very little interest in it when you sell it.

    See if you can get it done back to original. Either that or wear the scratches and dings and when you trade it or flog it privately be up front about it.

    Whichever way you go about it, the bike's value won't be as much as a clean example that hasn't been dropped.
  6. Thankyou

    Thanks a lot everyone, i am definitely going to keep the bike clean and original. Cheers
  7. One idea could be to take pics of the bike/scratch now, then paint it. When you sell it, show them to potential buyers so they know why you painted it?
  8. I would never buy a bike with a custom paint job.
  9. I assume the worst for a custom sprayed bike...

    I would prefer to spend the extra bit to replace the tank so the bike is still original looking and easier to resell later.
  10. +1

    And +1 to whoever said that it decreases your market.
  11. Yes! The only exception is some Harleys. If damage is only minor better to leave it and sell as is rather than try to repair it.
  12. This. It's fair to assume when a bike has been resprayed that it's been crashed pretty heavily. You're an idiot to assume or believe otherwise. If you are worried about resale, leaving the scratch as-is is likely to lose you less money than a respray. Also keep in mind that there's a good chance you'll drop it again at some point and you will have spent all that money covering a small scratch only to do the same (or probably worse) again down the track and you're back to square one (only worse because then you'll have a resprayed scratched bike that no-one will want to touch).

    tl;dr: If it were me, I'd leave it for the time being. If you end up deciding to keep the bike for a long time and want to personalise it later when your resale is pretty much shot anyway, go for it.
  13. True... Paint can hide indicators of a hard life...

    Although, would you say the same about a bike that's been airbrushed with a custom design? I mean, in a way that clearly someones put hours of work and love into the job?

  14. Ditto.
  15. I would just take some pics f the the condition before, then during the respray and after.....for me if the owner has a detailed history it's good enough for me :)
  16. So why sell it!
    (cause it was dropped etc :LOL: ).

    Get it respayed to stock colours (like nothing ever happened) if you dont plan on keeping it.