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Will a Apprilla RS125 survive some touring

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by crutch, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. I know how unrealible 2 strokes are i curenttly commute on a NSR150sp but i take the busy roads cause i know i will seaze the engine again if i keep it on the highway at constant speeds.

    I wanna know if the RS125 will handle some highways journeys

    Yes i know its a sports 2 stroke and is uncomfortable and needs maintanance. Ive rebuild 4 top ends 3 ofem two strokes so im not fazed.

    My big question is will it handle a few thousand k's crusing at ~100ks and hour, who am i kidding 120-130 k's or will i blow/seaize te engine. I am hoping this being and apprila/suzuki it will be more realiable than prevouse 2 strokes

    yes i know any 4 stroke is better for the purpose u dont have to tell me
  2. There's something wrong with your maintenance, or your riding style, if you think you'll seize a two-stroke by riding it at constant highways speeds..
  3. No experience with two strokes - or bikes for that matter but I'm going to relay what I have read on some overseas Aprilia forums - there are people who have successfully toured on an RS125 in Europe.

    I don't know the details - but you can check out this Aprilia RS125 Forum:

  4. i doubt u can do much wrong sitting at 100 ish in sixth at about 60% RPM and having the engine seze at u. My maintanace if fine.

    Been told My 2stroke nsr is shit on open roads as far as reliability and engine sezure is concerned. Had a sezure at 12,000 ks on the clock all good fluids. not a nice thing to happen on the M2.

    Mechanic told me i was trying to kill the bike doing 80ks round trip every day on highways and thats its just not capable of sustaing those speeds without big risk of engine failure.

    Without a rejet and sprocket change
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  6. Well as long as we're arguing experience against experience, I was touring a Yamaha RD-250/350 constantly 32 years ago with no problems at all. You're not going to tell me that metal technology and lubrication has got worse in the intervening time, are you???

    Andmy 'touring' was pretty vigorous, I'm here t tell you....
  7. I have heard from a few sources (none of them reliable enough that I care to mention) that the NSR in particular doesn't like the constant 100km/hr trips. I think somewhere in the manual they recommend to stick to constant speeds below 100km/hr. I haven't heard the same about any other 2 strokes. Again this is all second hand so it carries no weight.
  8. I lived with 2 strokes for a few years and one trick I used to do is mix some 2-stroke oil directly in the tank, maybe around 30% of the recommended mixture.

    I know abit more smoke but it's safer for the engine.
  9. thanks sorry

    have herd this b4 aswell i think it might have even bgeen this forum and an article i read ages ago when i had my other 2stroke honda MVX RIP. Thats y i was woundring if its an issue with two strokes in general.
    As i heard of RGV's sezing and locking wheels up aswell throwing people of and all sorts

    well hornet maybe they dont make em like they used to. Because i imagin the RD (which im not famier with but i did look up) unlike mordern 2 strokes is not built for short term performance. Unlike the MVX (great race bike but very unrealible and NSR which is just fragile and i dont hear many raves about commuters and their RGV's
  10. lol cool but i imagine the sparks start fouling up. Suppose i could carry spares
    I suppose i could turn the oil pump up for long hauls, giving me the same effect

  11. Found this in a thread after doing a search plenty more stories of Mitos Rs and RGV besides dying often lockig the rear up aswell[/quote]
  12. at the bike show, the aprilia rep warned me not to, the engines aren't designed for holding a constant rev. however people here have had no problems with their prillas, so it may just be the new model
    what year is yours?