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Will a 50cc scooter do the job?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by OutCast, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. All,

    I thinking about picking up a scooter to get to and from work. I'm Brisbane based on the nth side. To get to work in Milton i need to travel under 10kms but its over Ashgrove and there are a few hills.

    I've got no rider experience although I'm sure it does not compare I've spent a lot of time on push bikes.

    Basically, I am off the opinion that a 50cc wont do the job as I'm 6 feet (180cms) and about 90kgs.

    I am interested in your thoughts and opinions.


  2. First of all, welcome to Netrider, check out the new decor (shiny new server 'n stuff) and make yourself at home :).

    Now, what I'd do, if I knew that route reasonably well, would be to watch out for any scooters riding, it, see if you can get the rider's attention and discuss it with him/her. Someone else's experience will tell you more than a ton of our theorising....

    (That said, I think a 50 would struggle in the scenario you describe...)
  3. I would go for at least 100cc if the speed limit is only 60 km/h or 200cc if the speed limit goes up to 90km/h. The 50cc will struggle to get to 60km/k up any sort of hill and you will put yourself and other drivers in danger by not being able to keep up witht the traffic.

    I am about the same weight as you (a bit taller though) and found that my last ride which was a scoot (Aprilia SportCity) was fine up to 100km/h.

    Hope this helps,
  4. The above is not to be taken lightly. A 50cc scooter is a great way to get around a CBD, or to pop down to the corner deli for a pie and coffee chill, but I honestly wouldn't take it anywhere else.
  5. Not meaning any slight upon those in this forum that own/ride 50cc scooters, but I'd avoid them under any circumstances. On most bikes you can get youself into trouble by being too keen with the right wrist; on a 50cc scooter I doubt you'd be able to get *out* of any trouble. You twist the wrist and it seems an eternity before the beasties respond. Their tiny, way underpowered and very quiet. (This is from my couple of days on a Honda 5occ).

    I'd say definately go for a bigger beast. It'll accelerate, maintain the legal speed limit and you'll have a chance of getting out of the way of the many blind cage drivers out there.

  6. mate, go hire one on the weekend and take it on your proposed route. That will answer your question very quickly. It will also tell you if you straight out hate the whole scooter feeling or if you love it.

    My feeling is that 50cc will not be enough. General running around teh city you need at least 125cc.