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Wildcard entries for 2005 Australian GP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. Found on mcnews.com.au

    Motorcycling Australia has selected six riders to compete as wildcards in the 125cc and 250cc classes at the 2005 Polini Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix at Phillip Island, including 15-year-old sensation Blake Leigh-Smith.

    Leigh-Smith, an Australian junior long track champion in 2004, recently made his national 125cc debut at Winton Motor Raceway (Vic), and promptly won two of the three races in testing conditions.

    Subject to final ratification from the FIM and the MotoGP Commission (which applies to all the wildcards), Leigh-Smith will now hit the international arena on October 14-16 – less than two months after his Winton heroics!

    The six wildcards are as follows:

    Blake Leigh-Smith - 15 - Runaway Bay, Qld - Honda RS125
    Brent Rigoli - 16 - Mittagong, NSW - Honda RS125
    Brett Simmonds - 22 - Blackmans Bay, Tas - Honda RS125

    Mark Rowling - 33 - Turramurra, NSW - Yamaha TZ250
    Mick Kelly - 27 - Irymple, Vic - Honda RS250
    Ben Ried - 28 - North Melbourne, Vic - Yamaha TZ250
  2. Sounds good, though I have remained disappointed that one of the best 125cc riders in recent years and equal point-scorer with the championship winner a couple of years ago, Paul Campbell from Canberra, has been unable to secure a wildcard because of his age.

    The FIM insists on enforcing its "no rider over 25 in 125's" rule and so Paul has missed out despite being one of the best riders in the country (he's 29)
  3. No offence to your friend Paul Campbell, but maybe it is time that he moved on to the 250's, especially considering that the emphasis is switching to juniors as young as 13 in the 125's.
    If he is very good it should not be too hard for him to secure a 250 ride, it would be a natural progression.
  4. Need I mention the gentleman who is currently leading the Australian 125cc Championship by a sizeable margin is one Peter Galvin.

    If you added up the age of the three wildcards listed I don't think it will get close to Galvin's age. Cath Thompson also isn't a teenager and I'm a gentleman so I aint going to even go near mentioning her age :p
  5. the lady is Mr Galvin's S.O. is she not???
  6. No, I don't think so

    With respect to the Paul Campbell matter the reason behind his continuing in 125's is very simple. The 250cc class in Australia is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD.

    Since Yamaha decided to stop importing TZ's some years ago, the only avenue for potential 250 competitors is to source older bikes from Japan. But Yamaha provides no support in terms of spares or backup and it is very expensive.

    MA is trying hard to ditch the class altogether, witness its obsession with Supersport which it sees as the "logical" successor to the 250's.

    There is very little competition in the 250 class any more. Most competitors are riding bikes that are significantly old and totally uncompetitive with the 250's against which they will be racing at the GP.

    So, since 125 is still a very healthy class with excellent competition, Paul has chosen to stay there.

    I might add that I have watched young Brent Rigoli all this year and he is a great talent.
  7. Get a sponsorship by Sumoto! :LOL:
  8. You are a hoot, dan!
  9. As is Tim Inkster from Adelaide, who had a shot at being a wildcard a couple of years back but unfortunately came down with an illness just prior to the GP and missed his opportunity.
    I am guessing he must also be too old now.
  10. The age limit is 25. I'm sure that Tim would be younger than that. I believe however, that he has been sidelined with some injuries this year??? and the determination of wildcards is made on the basis of performances during the Australian Championship season.