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wild weather

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by twinpilot, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. If you guys reckon the weather we've had is wild, check this photo of mt. hotham out.


    Some of us were up there on the weekend and the weather was 24 degrees, sunny and beautiful, what a difference a couple of days make, its amazing that this is the middle of summer not winter.

  2. It was crazy this morning.

    A 15 min trip to work took over an hour & a half because the roads were flooded.
  3. I cannot believe it ! :shock: This is summer! :?
  4. it's also melbourne...
  5. l cant believe lm sitting here in a dam jumper at work!!.
    Any wonder l want to move to QLD...lol..sheesh!!
  6. Driving home from the movies last night was a little bit interesting :shock:
    But with my sleep in this morning cos I am on HOLIDAYS.. erm, didn't notice too much :)
  7. No power at our house from 4:52am to 11:31am :(
  8. IDV28000
    Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

    for Widespread Damaging Winds and Very Heavy Rainfall
    For people in the Western, North Central, Wimmera, Northern Country, Northeast
    and Alpine districts.
    Issued at 12:50 pm EDT on Thursday 3 February 2005

    A deep low pressure system currently just north of Melbourne is expected be very
    slow moving.

    South to southwesterly winds are expected to average 60 to 70 km/hr in most
    areas but will locally average 70 to 80 km/hr at times with gusts to 100 km/hr.
    The strongest winds are expected in the Western, Wimmera and Alpine districts.

    Very heavy rainfall is likely over the next few hours which will result in flash
    flooding. The heaviest rainfall is expected over the Western, Northern Country
    and Northeast districts.

    In the interests of community safety the SES suggests some simple precautions:
    Secure any loose objects in the vicinity of your house, beware of fallen
    powerlines and, if you are boating, then return to shore as soon as possible

    The next warning is due to be issued by 4:00 pm Thursday.

    This warning is also available through TV and Radio broadcasts; the Bureau's
    website at www.bom.gov.au or call 1300 659 217.The Bureau and State Emergency
    Service would appreciate this warning being broadcast regularly.

    Take it easy out there guys and gals. I'm off to work now. Taking the cage but I'm tipping its going to be hard yakka trying to keep the bus vertical :shock:

    And Jake, if you read this - PLEASE ride hope safely :? 8) But of course, that goes for everyone ;)
  9. Never before have i had to brace myself from the wind using both feet whilst stopped in the middle of an intersection... scary moments i tell you.
    I've been in ice skating mode for the last few days now, its kinda getting boring; bring on the 30ยบ+ days again.
  10. I had the joy of riding to kilmore at 6am for work only to be sent home again because of the power outage. At leaset I get to say I rode in it. So many trees over, cars upside down, even a 40t tow truck on its side.
  11. Does anyone know if the Princess Freeway near Laverton is fully open or not now (6pm)

  12. I heard one lane is open....not sure where or anything else though.....

    :D :D :D
  13. well 20cm of snow at hotham and its still going, 15cm at falls creek but has stoped bogong copped most of that.
    154kph winds at Thredbo and to 20cm of snow in the village.

    I always like February as with March as there usually the hotest months, were so lucky :LOL:
  14. woohoo! anyone wanna come snowboarding on the weekend? i got a spare snowboard..
  15. yet another 33 degrees day with 90% humidity... never EVER wish you were in Queensland 8)