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Wild VTR250 mods...

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by rob_, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. I've been trying to find a moderately priced pipe for my VTR250. since japan is the only other market for these bikes, i did a google.co.jp search. and hooboy, did i find some pearlers. anyone modding a vtr250, get thee on a flight to tokyo asap...
    monster sr4 anyone?http://www.goobikeparts.com/php/client/weblist/detail.php?cat_id=2701047416&outlet_id=0

    I want these so badly. Click the second pic, coz there's two pipes!http://www.goobikeparts.com/php/client/weblist/detail.php?cat_id=2701051376&outlet_id=0 only $AUD780 for these bad boys...

    all the pipes seem to be complete systems, not just a can.
  2. What is this?? [​IMG]


    Hey rob..I guess it pays to see what's out there before handing over your $$. Had I known about the twin exhaust system I would have got it. I agree - they look good :grin:

    Megacycle exhaust ended up costing me about $500 I think from memory.
  3. That set of twin pipes looks great!
  4. holy christ, i'm so tempted. would i have to be insane to order an exhaust unseen and unheard from some random site in japan? do i try to take advantage of mastercard's no-risk online purchasing policy... oh man...
  5. Do it you girl :p.
  6. going to email them tomorrow for details. and to find out if they speak english... oh, and to see if i can get it in a floral pattern :p

    from a quality online translation, i've found that the cans arent carbon fibre, but the whole system is stainless steel... oh, and that site currently has them at 3000 yen off rrp! woot! bargain!
  7. The Sansei Racing pipes sound good. If you want more sound clips, go here:


    Click on "コãƒãƒ©" and it'll take you to each individual product. Click on the .wav files to hear them.

    BTW, I live in Japan and ride a VTR250. I'm an admin over on the VTR250 UK board. I am American. How is that for international??

    Anyway, the Sansei racing is nice. At over 70,000yen, you're looking at very expensive pipes. However, the best sounding twin pipes I've heard on the VTR250 is the SP Tado stuff. GGoood stuff. Yamamoto racing also makes a twin pipe exhaust, but the note isn't as nice.

    I am going to try to get ahold of a WRs muffler, those are nice as well.

    Anyhow, happy shopping.

    For other links, just go to Google.jp and search for 'VTR250' or 'VTR250 custom'
  8. wow, thanks for the info! just goes to show how big the netrider community is...
  9. dammm those pipes are nice... cant wait to show you guys pics of my Modified VTR2501 ... its been off the road for so long now... last thing im waiting for is my seat... everything else is pretty much good to go..
  10. No problem :)
  11. that one with the twin pipes has a real resemblance to its big brother
    i wouldnt want to be the monkey that had to mod the airbox, find the right filter and rejet after slapping those babies on.
    shorts what sort of HP increase are they claiming with the twin pipes and the right mods in the fuel system?
    (sorry, i cant read japanese :p )
  12. Still looking for numbers. I'm going to try to find some dyno runs or general figures.

    Edit: went to my local Red Baron (motorcycle shop chain here in JPN) and they do dyno testing for 6300Yen (about $60 USD) per run. They do power, top speed and brakes lol But they don't do any tuning :| If I do go ahead with an exhaust swap, I'll consider getting it run before and after to see any changes.
  13. Has anybody done any more research on these pipes?

    Will local motorcycle exhaust places do up a twin system?

    Sorry, I'm new to the mechanical side of things. Is there a lot of work in getting the bike to run smooth/right, just with an extra pipe on the other side??
  14. No, it would make little difference, if any, compared to a staintune or similar.


    Trevor G
  15. [​IMG]

    totally changes the look of the bike huh! i like it, not the kind of thing i'd have the guts to order from overseas for so much coin without seeing it in the flesh

    also it'd be black :D
  16. Don't know much about the fairing. The twin pipes up the side look sweet though.
  17. it seems twin headlights are surprisingly easy to come by and not all that expensive

    next time i got some spare i reckon i'll go the direct swap twin kit from ausfr imports
  18. I've seen the twin kit from ausf. I think only one comes on low beam, the other comes on high beam only. I like the idea that both are on for low and high beam. Ones from the UK (Jester600 on ebay.co.uk) seem to be the ones. Have not investigated legality yet though. In the UK, they all talk about "E marked" being legal!
  19. Just harking back to the matter of the pipes, can the OEM exhaust muffler be readily debaffled?
    :-k (search has not helped me answer this question)