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Wild life in Fawkner!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. From today's Herald-Sun

    Biker hits kangaroo
    Anthony Dowsley

    A MOTORCYCLIST broke his leg when he hit a kangaroo skipping along a suburban road

    The accident happened on Mahoneys Rd, Fawkner about 5.50am yesterday, when the kangaroo hit the rider as he rode past.
    The rider, in his 30s, continued on for 100m before stopping and another motorist waited with him until an ambulance came.

    He was taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital.

    The kangaroo was badly injured and not expected to survive.

  2. Poor kangaroo.
  3. You do get them up that way. Mahoneys Rd is on the end of a "green wedge" so 'roos are not uncommon. I say a rather large dead one on the ring road up that way last year.
  4. When I see them, I find it difficult to predict which way they are going to move.
  5. They probably say the same thing about you. :LOL:
  6. This sounds like the roo ran into the rider from the side.
    I've had that happen to me in a car once. They are totally unpredictable bloody things.
  7. No sense in giving too much information away...

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  8. It was bloody for sure after the accident *boom tish* :?
  9. I'm amazed someone stopped and waited with him.
  10. In scotland we have the same problem except its unpredictable piss heads wandering around the road......
  11. Happened to Marty as well on that vfr
    He totally ROO ted the roo and managed to keep it upright.
  12. And, there was Roo Shit on his bike to prove it!

  13. I think the roos are just trying to say that they hate riders.
  14. Not Roos then? Suprise Suprise.
  15. That's the only sort of wild life in Fawkner?? :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Well it is near Broadmeadows :roll:


    Had what I reckon was the same roo hit my drivers door on consecutive days at the same spot on a back track near Nowa Nowa in Gippsland a couple of years ago. Don't know why it did it but I didn't give it a chance for three in a row as I went to the site on a different track the next day :wink:

    Wombats aint much fun either, just like speed humps only worse :shock:

    Whereabouts on Mahoney's Rd was it?? I assume it was on the twisty bit where it crosses the Ring Road opposite Pipe Works.