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Wild Hogs - short movie review

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. just saw it, quite a good movie. It's light, unbelieveable, but decent entertainment. Tavolta is great in his role, in fact they all are. For the "slightly" middled aged amongst us, I'm sure the point of the movie will strike a chord. It's a cruise (read Harley) movie only though, not a Sports - Sports/Tourer - Tourer to be seen.

    Could be a good thing to do after South Bank Coffee, or just as a dedicated movie night in itself. Get along and see it, you'll have a good night out.



  2. tis good, really !
  3. 8.5/10 Piss funny - entertaining throughout. A few scenes that made me want to watch from behind my hands, but they were short.
  4. Saw it with the "East Suburbs Coffee Crew"......
    (NR, not the rap band..) :p

    Agree with all the above, funny movie, Travoltas good as are all the others... 8/10.
  5. the brissie crew who saw it liked it too.....

    interestingly, it was my 13 year old son who pointed out that it had a moral:

    "it shows friendship is the most important thing in life, even when everything else is gone you have friends there for you"..........

    i just enjoyed all the laughs :LOL:
  6. and just when you thought it was time for ghostrider to appear, along came Peter Fonda.
  7. I have a feeling that Ghostrider is going to annoy the utter crap outta me, just for being beyond ridiculous !
  8. i hated ghostrider :twisted:

    not a great fan of cagey boy though
  9. Whoa thats deep man...... :p
    Seriously, that kids got the right outlook!
  10. perhaps off topic more appropriate than general?
  11. The movie is about people riding motorbikes so it really isn't off topic :p

    We didn't think too much of the movie ourselves, it's an ok movie but something that couldn't be watched again. Just found it a bit slllooooowww at times, it did have some good funny moments but they were a bit too few and far between. I guess a rating of 6/10 would sum it up. If you had nothing else to do, it's worth seeing :)
  12. thanx - makes me think maybe i did something right with him when he comes up with that stuff.....
  13. Stinging to use your button?

    I could post something serious in the humour section if you like.

  14. Saw it and had a good belly laugh , dont forget coffe shop cruisers ride all sorts of bikes .
    Light hearted is what it was meant to be and that how I found it . :LOL:
    and yes there was a moral of sorts
  15. eswen - I originally posted this in General, but it was moved to Holding, so I moved it out of Holding and into OT. But then someone has moved it out of OT and back into General.

    Go figure !
  16. Ah, the curse of the moderators. So even a mod gets their post moved and doesn't know who did it.

    Might be the same one who decided to move my Welcome post?
  17. Was that Vincent Price movie? :p
  18. yeah - it was the sequel to the Abominable Doctor Phibes :twisted:

    Vinnie Price, what a great actor ....
  19. The abominable Doctor Vibes? Now that was a movie about Harleys wasnt it...? :p
  20. I was disappointed by the movie. Over all it was entertaining but not what i had built it up to be in my mind.