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Wild Hogs - Movie

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Charmed, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Saw this morning on 1 of the morning programs. Have to wait until March but this looks like its worth a couple of hours of my time.

    Click HERE for trailer.

  2. Heh, looks like fun. I'll be in that.
  3. stuf waiting till the movie release i am thinking i want to get preview tickets that was a pi553r of a trailer :LOL: :LOL: :rofl:
  4. Great bunch of actors, great looking movie. :LOL:

    Maybe we can get a netrider advance screening??? :wink:
  5. :( so sad... america... funny possibly but not as interesting as say... a french film about five bored ex-underwear model trophy house wives on ducati's riding from say dunkirk to moroco on a voyage of discovery then I would go and see it.

    god i love subtitles.... SBS :wink: S!! before Seven network...
  6. LOL, looks like a fun movie
  7. Reminds me of my Gelati Pimpin'...

    I look forward to it. :grin: