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Wild Hogs movie (bris)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kezza01, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. ok, brissie based people......i wanna go see the movie wild hogs when it comes to town (just before i go o/s)......but i don't really feel like goin alone......

    anyone else wanna come??????

  2. Though I was already coming :cry:
    Has this anything to do with not waiting for everyone on the ride last Sunday???
  3. nothing at all. and i didn't notice anyone not waiting for everyone at all. i just thought that once we'd got to maleny it was right for people to be heading off home the way that best suited them. i thought the ride went well.

    i was just posting this to see who else was interested......i already had ur name down......sorry.....i'm not expressing myself too well tonight i guess..... :eek:
  4. If I was in Bris I'd come with ya Kezza. Looks mighty entertaining :wink:

    and I'm a bit of a closet JT fan :cool:
  5. i'm not a 'closet' fan i have to admit......but i also like the idea of the ride too.....i had some reviews from a mate in the us and it sounds like a real hoot of a movie....

    ah well, maybe we'll be able to swap viewing notes.... :LOL:
  6. I'll come if ya like my company Kezza! :LOL:
  7. yes... oh wait no... arrrgh... no transport sucks! :cry: i dunno i'll see which night?
  8. I wouldn't mind seeing that flick...... what day?

    You got a car aint ya Zac? or at least the bosses car....
    Just so ya don't feel so bad, I'll go pillion in the little TOYota wiv ya if you wanna drop in on the way thru :p
  9. I think it comes out Thursday.
    We could do Saturday night??
  10. I'm good for any night,
  11. i hadn't quite got so far as working out when......but it won't be this weekend :grin:

    cause the movie don't start til thursday march 8.... :LOL: :LOL:

    i have no particular preference for day, session time or cinema and i'm happy to cage it.

    if transport's a hassle zac, i'm sure we can organise something - i'd shell out for a train ticket :shock:

    so it means we got until next week to work it out......maybe we can discuss on friday night (those who will be there)?
  12. absolutely katbird.... :LOL:

    u and bm save me from all that testosterone that flies round..... :LOL:
  13. Let me know when you are thinkin of goin! :grin:
  14. I am good for any night too!! :rofl:

    Ambushed again and I will now exit, stage left. :bolt:
  15. You're on Jeff-now you have to get to QLD for it! :LOL:
  16. ok, i've come to a decision about the timing (those who REALLY know me know exactly how hard it is to get me to make a decision about anything :LOL: )

    the plan is:

    Movie: wild hogs
    Day: saturday
    Date: yes please....(oops sorry - this isn't a dating site is it :p )......10 March

    As for session times - we could either:

    a) meet before hand somewhere at the eateries and have dinner together then go to the movie
    b) go to the movie first then have drinks / food whatever

    (see told ya's i can't make a decision)....

    so to help in the planning, here are the session times:


    BUT.....here's the bad news - they are only showing it in gold class - which means my $8 cheapie ticket won't work......nor will my student card.... :?

    of course, having never been in gold class before, i'm cool for paying the price but what do other's reckon?

    (btw - jeff - ur welcome to come :roll: )
  17. Gold Class is fine by me- but you normally have to book weeks in advance. I would be surprised if we could get tickets at this point?
    the 7.20pm session would give us time to catch a meal before hand. What does everyone else think?
  18. hmmm, wasn't aware of that......if i had an idea of numbers i could try for a group booking.......or we could just go on the hopes......?????????

    open for suggestions here..... :?
  19. I will check it out and PM you tomorrow Kez. 90% sure we won't get seats in Gold Class.