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Wii. I must be getting old

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ibast, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. So the sisters inlaw bought themselves a Wii for Christmas. All excited they were.

    I went over there during the break and they got me playing.

    I come away thinking "Why not just take a bat and ball down the park?". Same thing only better. I can't see how they sell any of these things in Australia. New York or Tokyo I could understand.

    Just goes to show how easily people are corrupted by marketing.
  2. Oh but ibast, clearly you haven't played the motorcycle racing game where your bike engine explodes as you accelerate off the line, and then you have to use the balance pad to change lanes to avoid humungous piles of road debris and get to the finish despite your bike falling apart / exploded engine / no back wheel...

    It's all just so realistic! How can you fail to 'get' that???

  3. I've had discussions with a number of owners of these things arguing the very same thing.

    I don't get it.

    I suppose in most households, there's less dogsh!t to stand in when in the lounge room.
  4. You've highlighted a huge point... I've hated Wii, I dislike Crap-tendo altogether... But you've added a valid point to my argument...

    IF i wanted to do something that involved moving, I'd grab some friends and play cricket, baseball, golf, frisbee... when i want to play a video game, I'll grab a controller and sit as still as possible while poking my tongue out the side of my mouth trying to steer :rofl:
  5. I had one, it was fun for a while then we got rid of it. The games were a bit infantile.
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  7. I don't get it either, but then I guess I'm not a young fella any more? I've played it at some friends place who were very excited by it but kept thinking to myself WFT am I doing this for!

    I'm also starting to think Wii may be a contributor to the increasing road toll! Budding nintendo kids get really good at the "virtual reality" riding games then enter the real world thinking there Rossi. Next minute, splat!
  8. its great for kids - teaches them new skills and most certainly will help with their co-ordination and motor-skills. Certainly does not replace the real thing but it is dangerous to play cricket on the street these days.

    It is also great for grown-ups when drunk :LOL: :LOL:
  9. pfft. Kids need to learn to dodge cars too. Stop mothering them.
  10. But nothing stops you from getting the singstar out at parties eh Booga :wink:

    FWIW, I love the WII, the kids and I (and other adults who come here) have had many an entertaining night playing it :grin:
  11. In our house hold we have a 'proper' gaming PC (quad core overclocked with 4gb and a 9800GT), an XBox 360, a PS3 and a Wii.

    Easily the most used machine is the Wii (although personally I prefer the PC) and the Wii outsells the other consoles.

    It's pretty hard to argue that the device isn't a sucess...
  12. If you don't like the Wii then you have forgotten how to have plan old fun with family and friends. Or perhaps you never knew how. :p

    I would compare the Wii to board games, with movement (some of it strenuous) thrown in, rather than compare it to ball games in the park.

    The games aren't infantile, they are simple, so even stoggy old blokes can work out how to play them, and can compete with much younger newphews. Maybe even win occassionally! :grin:
  13. I never had plan old fun at all ;)

    But i used to play board games, card games etc, but plain old fun also incorporated "squares" (aka "downball" to some folk), all you need is a $2 tennis ball and some concrete with lines in it, takes a bit of skill too... and yes, my 40-50ish yr old father was out there too playing with us ;)
  14. wii is actually pretty good for party entertainment.

    Ducking and weaving in the boxing, girls taking on the guys, etc etc.
  15. Bah stuff all these new fangled consoles. Gimme a mouse and keyboard anyday.

    Firing up some vintage sierra game and questing is waaay more fun than jumping around with your friends virtually slaughtering each other. :p
  16. Doh ! I blame my clogged up brain and sinuses for my mental spell checker being turned off. :oops:

    Yeh, I do the outdoor stuff as well, but there isn't any flat concrete outside my place (only inside the garage) so when having people over for a BBQ or Xmas feed, the Wii is much better. :grin:
  17. Why don't you try that game, where everyone puts their keys in a bowl.
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  19. I've only ever played once soba... good fun until someone gets too drunk, then wii have a problem...

    however i dont ever play video games or PC. With the only exception, i brought an xbox just to play halo, then halo2, then brought the xbox360 to play halo3.

    ^^ Ktulu; i can't do youtube at work, but is that the hulahoop girl??? If not people, search it on youtube.
  20. You are such a man of the sixties Rog.

    Ktulu, is there no subject you can't find an image or video for?