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Wife VS Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by syd rs125, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. My wife just told me she feels like i love my bike more than her.
    She say's i spend more money on the bike, more time with the bike and the bike get's in the way of planned event's eg. a picnic planned for this tuesday which is her day off i booked my p's test, or on saturay her other day off i want to go riding.
    How am i supposed to react to a comment like u love the bike more than me.
    Well baby the bike only needs 5 minutes of warming up before i can ride her where u need at least 20 min.
    My bike isn't as moody as u are and she's a 2t.
    Or should i just tell her i like Italians more than Asians (Wife is Korean)
    I tried to convince her the sooner i get my p's the sooner i can get my full licence and then she can come on the back didn't seem to like that answer.
    But seriously does anyone else have this problem with their partner and what have u done to fix it??

  2. You have no children and are not starting a family for while??? Get her a bike too!!!!!
  3. im waiting for the "my wife has left me" thread :p
    i had the same problem with my ex. she'll either get over it or she wont. or you could do something called finding a compromise :grin:
    is making one time a week wife time too hard? not doing that is what eventually broke up my relationship. in retrospect it really would not have been that hard, problem was i just got over her :?
  4. Yea but she's Asian and a shit driver so i think she might kill herself on a bike.
  5. Thats the thing i see my wife everyday sure i might not spend the whole day with her but i don't spend my nights out on the piss with my mates i don't drink i don't go gambling. every night is spent with her.
    I don't know how she's gonna handle things when i go full time Army this year.
  6. Divorce her, marry the bike..
  7. hmmmm tempting that way i could upgrade every few years and the old bike would never complain.
    probaby be cheaper as well.
  8. I get the "You love your dog more than me" thing. Cmon the dog is a beagle who couldn't love her!
  9. I can't see how you could go wrong with that one... :LOL:
  10. Why the f#ck do females do this if they want some attention they should just say so instead of screwing with the male mind wer'e pretty simple creatures.
  11. You're only 24! think hard about the next FIFTY YEARS together (or more).

    can you see it?? do you want it?

    If you split now before kids arrive and you might have some good memories and a few heartaches; wait for kids and you might have more heartache, not be able to afford the bike, and be paying out for 16 years each (kid):shock:

    Can you tell I'm single again? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    But, it's quite selfish of her to carry on against you and your bike....but, could be quite selfish of you too... sit down together and talk it over and grow together... it's easy to divorce, but it could be wonderful to have a great marriage too!! :wink:
  12. [​IMG]
  13. It really aint that hard..
    You compromise as idontlikemondays stated.
    As long as you are reasonable with the time and attention you give your wife, it should NOT be a problem.
    If She don't wanna compromise, it's even EASIER.. DITCH her, keep the bike before it's TOO late. :p
  14. Well you got 100 posts up here in three weeks or so, does she mind you being on forums etc as well, or...? Did you have a bike before you met/married, or...? Perhaps make a conscious effort to have some mutual hobbies, or take her to a coffee meet if there is one near you. Get her involved, and get involved in some of her stuff too.

    Sorry, I don't have the same issue, I make it clear from the start of a r'ship that bikes are part of my life. Luckily my GF is into organising a lot of bike shows, toy-run collections etc, which she loves doing and is good at doing. She did none of this prior to us getting together, so even tho' she doesn't ride and only occasionally pillions, she has found a path that gets us closer together with hobbies and her into something new :)
  15. Hmmm...that's logical, seeing all the millions and millions of asians in asia who ride and drive like 8hit and yet their populations increase daily. Maybe it's the water, or the petrol they use over there...


    Trevor G
  16. All I can add to this thread.

  17. mate spending time together is not spending "qaulity" time together. and no the horozontal or whichever orientation you prefer quality time byitself is not quality time. qaulity time is going out to movies, lunch, dinner, etc etc etc.

    and for the record, if you are going RAInf or armor, it wont last as you will be likely posted up north and will spend 8 months out of 12 OS.
    so how about save the hassel now and just get a divorce so you can enjoy the bike while you can??? :LOL: :wink:
  18. LMAO, i told my girlfriend that i would rather give up sex for 1 month than havew the bike off the road. she wasnt impressed. cracked the s*&#s.

  19. Choose the missus. Exhaust pipes burn too much skin off your nob. :smileysex: :cry: