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Wife is taking the bike off me, DAMN

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dippy9, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. After only enjoying the riding game for the last three years, the inevitable has happened and i just had a big crash. Quick story, stupid car cut out in front of me, as i tried to avoid the car hit a roundabout and went flying. Everything is alright except for a sprained ankle and a black and blue rear end, the bike is only cosmetically damaged as i was traveling about 50 to 60 max.

    However the wife saw the scene and how i landed on the footpath and missed a light pole on one side and a concrete wall on the other, she was freaked out and couldn't believe i escaped with nothing more. So the first thing she said was you have to get rid of the bikes. This comment was what hurt me the most.

    Damn, i loved the riding and everything about it, from the freedom to escape life, the friendships, the ride days, the sweeping corners to laughing at all the cagers. I LOVED everthing about riding, so much so that i hardly ever drive my two cars. Was even thinking of trading in my 04 CBR for a GSX 750 track bike. Now i have to get rid of all three bikes unless i can change her mind, but that is not likely as we are expecting our first child early next year.

    Just wanted to say be careful on the road but remember to enjoy every second on the bike, as i for one will be envious of you everytime i see a bike ride pass. Take care guys and hopefully will be back on the bike again one day. Gonna miss riding the bike alot :( :cry: :cry: