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wierdness when turning

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by fubarcbr, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. ok i started to notice this the other day when i went for a ride up to glorius.

    it is a really weird feeling, i will try to explain it as best as possible. it happens when i am at about 50% lean angle both left and right turns, as i am turning about half way throught the corner the bike dips. it is really discomforting.

    i am thinking it might be suspension, like it is sticking and then releasing. i am going to have the suspension set up at the local bike shop to see if that will help but just wondering what you all think it might be and what i can do to check it.

    oh it is an 06 cbr600rr only 8000k's on it
  2. How flat is the centre of your tyres? (The rear specifically).

    If you've got a flat top on your tyre it'll be harder to tip over, and when it gets over the "lip" it'll feel like it's falling.
  3. +1 to AnotherMacca.

    Tyres worn square was my first thought as well.
  4. nope not square tires they are worn in good and propper. it is weird it doesn't happen all the time.
  5. When was the last time you checked the tire pressure, and how accurate was the gauge??
  6. Are you SURE the tyres aren't a little square? I found it very noticable on my CBR 954 once the tyres wore a little in the middle even though it wasn't really apparent that they were square. I did make it go away for a bit by increasing the rebound damping on the front suspension (mine was getting a little wavy in the front end). As soon as the tyres wear a little more though you will have the same problem and then your suspension settings will be buggered when you get new tyres. If you change anything then write down your settings so you can go back to your old ones if you need to.

    If you have done 8000kms on your current set of tyres then I would almost bet on it being that.
  7. How big are you? If you're not a 50-60kg rider then your suspension probably isn't set up right (assuming you haven't adjusted it yet).

    Otherwise I'd guess tyres - either square or flat.
  8. stuffed stem bearings??

    But check the tyres... after 8000km of commuting I have the same problem :(
  9. +1 check your steering head bearings.
  10. The other thing that can cause the bike to suddenly tip in further is if it's developed a hinge somewhere :? .

    If the bike's only done 8000 km it's unlikely but check the swing-arm spindle nut and whether the back wheel hardware is all properly tightened and secure. I've had slack in both areas giving the symptom you describe at one time or another.
  11. Steering head bearings. Lift the front end off the ground with a jack, and turn the handlebars back and forth with an extremely gentle one-finger touch. Any notches?

    Stuffed steering head bearings will cause your bike to feel like it's wandering a bit in the corners, sort of steering itself of its own accord.
  12. Same sort of thing happen to my 06' thou when I changed to ohlins suspension. At the start it was really good til I changed my rear tyre to a corsa pro which was a different profile, so it made my rear sit up higher. But I played around with the rear suspension until now it feels solid again...

    1. if U have played around with ur suspension? than it probably is out of whack and needs to be adjusted or

    2. Ur tyre is square as this also puts a wierd feeling when leaned over when u aint done it for awhile....

    3. If all else fails drop into your local shop and ask them to take sqizz for ya!