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Wierd Sound

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by graemepa, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. hey guys,

    after abit of help. My bike seems to be making a ringing sound at high rev ranges, like anything 8k and over.

    It kinda sounds like shaking your keys lightly, any ideas of what it could b?

    Im pretty clueless when it comes to the technical things, but any help/suggestions would b much appreciated.

  2. Could be your keys :LOL:

    Any brackets loose? Pinging (timing out)? Does it do it all the time over 8000RPM?
  3. cool ill check those things out when i get home, im pretty sure it doesnt make the sound all the time
  4. try holding the clutch lever when the noise occurs pretty sure it is this.

    tell us how you go.
  5. No worries I'll give it a coat of think during the day, let us know how you go.
  6. sorry about the late update,

    K i think the bike is trying to make me out to be a liar, last night after work and this morning on the way to work it didnt make the slighest of the sounds of been describing.

    so ive been thinking wats different about yesterday morning's ride to my other 2 rides. and there really is no difference, i rode about the same distance 10 - 15 km, warmed it up for about the same about of time and didnt really ride it any differently. The weather was a little bit colder but not bad..

    i checked for loose stuff and couldnt really find anything as well.

    any ideas guys? one of my mates seems to think it could be pinging, but im running BP premium soo i wouldnt think so.
  7. interesting topic - coz i have the same thing!

    i'm interested in what it could be.

    i tried the clutch thing. it starting making that noise at about the 8000 rev mark. i pulled in the clutch, and kept my revs the same. the noise disappeared.
  8. resonance ;)

    thats what i reckon, everything vibrating together
  9. I had the same problem and worked out eventually it was the other key
    on the keyring vibrating against the bike.
  10. I had a similar situation on my GS the keys rattling on the stem, put the keys in a leather pouch and only have the iginition key out, stopped my noise.

    On my old xs250, i had a rattle that went away eventually, worked out later that it was a bolt that had come loose and the horn was rattling, funny thing was the bolt didn't even look loose.