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Wierd oil filter problem

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by thecptn, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Was changing the oil filter for the first time on my yamaha sr185 and I noticed some thing strange, the previous oil filter was on backwards, that is the backend of the filter blocking the drain hole, what is strange is that this is the only way of putting it on! if you put it on the right way, bottom hole facing the drain hole, it wont fit due to metal stub that sticks out of the bottom of the oil filter cover like this...
    so what on earth do I do? is it safe to do so?

  2. lol the CBX has the same sort of filter arangement... and yes at first look it does look like it it is on backwards!!

    the filter hole is ment to be on the outside... if you want to I can double check if that is the case with the sr185.
  3. Engineers put these stubs in deliberately so that you can't put the
    filter (or whatever part) on backwards even if it looks like it
    should go a certain way.

    The rule I was taught in engineering design is "if it can
    fit on more than one way, it damn well better
    work both ways. If it don't work both ways, you damn well better
    design the product to make sure it doesn't fit on both ways"
  4. Ah, explains all, cheers. :grin: