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Wierd flashing with LED indicators

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by jayesse, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    I fitted up a Motrax electronic relay to run my 4 x LED indicators.

    On the back 2 I also needed to run resistors inline otherwise all 4 would just flash together.

    Now the problem:

    With the motor switched off, the indicators work perfectly...perfect timing, everything - just like factory.

    Now when I start the motor they go a bit spastic. The indicator light on the console flashes at the right speed on the actual ;indicators kind of do, but when they are on they are sort of flickering.

    Switch the motor off and it all goes back to normal.

    Now I am guessing it probably has something to do with the voltage or something along those lines.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    I haven't tried it without the resistors in line to the rear indicators yet simply because without them all 4 light up at once like hazard lights on a car.

    Any help would be great...she's been off the road for 2 weeks now and I need to go for a ride!
  2. You need to get the voltage right.
    With the engine running the voltage would be slightly higher?
    Not that I have a clue, I don't know electrics so it's just a wild guess
  3. The needing resistors to stop a 4 way flash problem has me scratching my chin :-k

    Sounds like a wiring problem of some sort to start with before we even worry about the extra voltage with the engine runnin upsetting things.
  4. OK found out what the 4 way flash was/is. Apparently it is because I have only the one indicator light on the dash. ie it doesn't tell me whether left or right is on, just that the indicators are "on".

    When you install all LEDs it moves the power across to the other side as well and as such all 4 flash.

    There are 2 sollutions to this:

    1. Remove the buld from the dash (i tried this and it works)
    2. Wire one the resistors in line to each side.

    Both have the same result (you can now go left or right no probs.

    Now I tried the setup without resistors and removing the bulb , but I still get the same prob where they flash correctly with the motor off, but as soon as you start it up, it starts to flicker....same issue as with the resistors


    Has to be some sort of voltage problem.

    Anyone have any ideas where to go in Syd to get it checked out?

    I can ride it now at least, but it's not perfect.
  5. This might be obvious, but worth mentioning... the resistors should be run in parrallel to the indicator...have you done this? oh and 1 per indicator too.
  6. Think I may have found the problem.

    I mounted the new relay where the old when was...only problem is that new is electronic and the mounting location is directly under the coil pack for the rear cylinder.

    The flickering becomes faster the higher the revs, so there must be some correlation there.

    I'll try mounting it in the rear tray....