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wierd clunk form rear wheel

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Blodders, May 4, 2007.

  1. i've got a problem with my new VTR AGGGGGGHHHHH
    it started not long after i got the bike, it started like a small viberation in the rear wheel at low speeds. at first i thought it was the old tyre (getting replaced tommorow) tuesday last week it got worse it felt like a clunk in the drive train.... so i oild the cleaned and chain and then adjusted it's tention. this seemd to help a bit....
    then on tuesday the (tuesdays the bike gets a good run down the GOR) it got a lot worse so to day i adjusted and re oild it... but it still there if no worse. AGGHHHHHH
    i think it must be the wheel bearing, it my theroy plausable?
    the other thing is that the bike came with a three month warranty.. should some thing like this be covered?

    the other problem that became apparent is that there is a small tear in the spark lead which with the rain we had this morning was causing the spark to miss the plug and short on the engine block... will this do any damage to the electrics of the bike?

    and again should this be covered in the warranty?

    please any advice ...

  2. Could be worn cush rubbers
  3. +2 Vic, and get that plug lead changed under warranty ASAP. Trust me, you don't want to have to fork out for a new CDI five minutes after the warranty expires.
  4. they where telling me it was the chain
  5. Go down to Bear Brass tonight seeing that you are in Melb. and get some of the old farts there to take a look at it
  6. Isn't noises and cluncks why you replaced the GSX? :p

    It does sound like cush rubbers. I'll be at coffee tonight so as Vic said, bring it in and get opinions when we can see/hear the problem. :)
    Who, the dealer?
    If you're getting the chain replaced anyway as part of the troubleshooting it'll only cost you parts for new cush rubbers. Maybe $70 (can't remember what they cost me last time but it wasn't a fortune) :)
  7. Perhaps very stiff chain links, worn rear sprocket with chain skipping over teeth, rear wheel bearing, cush drive rubber. A few things to consider.....
  8. Mate it sounds very much like a rooted rear wheel bearing to me, bring it to Southbank coffee and I'll be able to tell you straight away.
  9. it was solved on friday arvo... it was the chain... just got back for riding the GOR all weekend..... sooooo many cops

    thanks guys