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Widescreen PC monitor. Anyone used one?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Bogus69, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. I'm about to build a new PC and was thinking about getting a widescreen LCD for it.
    I will be running xp pro and playing games not watching movies at all.

    Anyone here know if there are any whizzbang features in XP that make use of widescreen (Like making 2 virtual desktops on the one screen)?
  2. If you aren't watching movies or using a digital tuner card widescreen isnt really worth it. I guess it goes some way to future proofing your computer but meh...

    I'd probably save the money and buy some more RAM or something if i was in your situation.
  3. Ive been using a widescreen on my current laptop for nearly a year..

    XP Pro doesnt particularly do anything different with a widescreen - its just a different resolution screen after all. There are plenty of aftermarket virtual desktop packages to work with any screen you like. All ive done is move the task bar to the left to maximise my vertical screen space..

    With regard to games, be aware that widescreen has not historically been well supported - this is starting to change now...

    Good value for movies, and very good if you do alot of word processing or spreadsheet work as you can effectively have two pages visible side by side at once.


  4. Hmmmm.

    Will a non-widescreen game have black bars down the side, or does XP try and stretch the image?
  5. Widescreen is good. Widescreen with OSX is the sex. I like not needing to maximize everything I use. I like that I can simultaneuosly see stuff from three or 4 apps at once. I can act real smug when I go to a colleague's computer, and see that the code that barely fills one line scrolls off the screen on theirs.

    UT2004 seems to run happily in the whole screen... it's just an extra resolution. And that's a game that's over a year old...
  6. Widescreen LCDs and Excel Spreadsheets were made for each other, like waffles and maple syrup...... (oh, and ice cream, of course)
  7. Looked into a widscreen a year or so ago and pretty much came up with the opinion that for gaming it really wasnt suited. But a year on who knows whats around. I guess if you do your homework and find out as much as you can you could come up with a better answer than i did.. Good luck and let me know how you go.
  8. Wide screen is fantastic on a Mac dont know about XP but dont see why it should be a problem.
    I'm running two on my Mac at work but thats a bit of a overkill. Hope the boss dont come down and notice. :LOL: :LOL:
  9. i have a mate that uses one. But he is a programmer and he turns it on its side so he can see more of his hardcore programming shit.

    But for movies it would be hell wicked.
  10. i run a 24 inch widescreen monitor on my PC and most games have widescreen resolutions already in them!! im yet to play a game that puts bars on the side OR make the picture look stretched, but then again i play mostly 1st person shooters...o yea it looks good for the HD-TV and DVDs too

    EDIT: o yea and there is a web page dedicated to the subject for the games that you have to edit to get the settings right for the screen http://www.widescreengamingforum.com
  11. Overkill? You're not a rock star programmer then. http://www.javalobby.org/java/forums/t65399.html
  12. A fair few games support the wide screen format as Phanoongy said, however they really are usually only first person shooters (and w00t are they immersive in widescreen!). When playing RTS (strategy) games on a widescreen, some of the newer ones support widescreen resolutions and others just stretch it.

    The other thing is that it depends on the monitor and the drivers/programs used to run it as to what it does to the video output. The Dell 24" widescreen is one of the best LCD's on the market by a LONG way! If selected in the menu it will automatically stay at the 1:1 native resolution of the monitor and simply add black bars around the window if the full widescreen format isn't supported.

    That said, i hope you have a beast of a computer to run a decent sized widescreen LCD at native resolution! 2x 6800's or better are required for decent native-res and hi-detail gaming. :wink: (Although supposedly the newer 7900GTX's are capable of decent performance with just one of them).
  13. Not all that many games support widescreen at the moment, If you have a dual head video car just buy two 17" monitors, thats the setup I have at work so I can write my apps on one screen and have my VM or a remote machine on the other
  14. I run a:

    32 inch samsung 8ms LCD
    through a

    64bit x3 amd 4400
    K8NXP SLi
    Radeon X850XP Plat. Pro
    X Fi. Plat Pro
    2 Gig Kingston Ram
    LG DVD burner

    plus extras

    PM for photo's or if you want help building or advice.

    :wink: :wink: :wink:
  15. I saw a specialist video card at a trade show last week that runs at 3240x2480 at 65hz.

    small fonts?


  16. Cool thanks guys.

    You've given me something to think about...
    I think I will be getting a x1900xt video card, so performance wont be a problem.
  17. Not much point. A 32'' widescreen will support 1368X1024 (or something like that) MAX. If you wanna run that vid card I would certainly be running a top of the line CRT

  18. Huh?
    Are you suggesting the sole reason to get a better vid card is to achieve performance at higher resolution?

    I will be running a much smaller screen than 32" so the max res will be even less.

    That widescreen gaming site is an excellent resource. Thanks Phanoongy!!
    Black & White 2 looks supports widescreen, descision made!
  19. Widescreens are the way of the future, mang.

    Seriously. I was recently talking to a design engineer from a company that makes medical patient monitors - they have to change their monitors to use widescreen LCDs, as the manufacturers are basically not making non-widescreen LCDs anymore.

    On the upside, this means next time you're in the ICU, the patient monitor will be great for watching DVDs while you're awake.

  20. I just recently bought a new BenQ 22" widescreen LCD and that seem to be working fine for me. Cost $470 so yeah, i needed a new monitor and this one worked out brilliant for me. good size, good price, and good compatablility with neerly all of my software. Havent realy found anything yet that kicks up a stink about it. Most things work very well. And yeah alot is made to work on widescreens now, Games and other programs.

    So have you got yours yet? what did you end up getting?