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Wide rear paddock stand recommendation

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by NSSherlock, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Any recommendations on a rear Paddock stand that will go as wide as 37 cm?
    Kaneg won't do it. Most Universal stands I've inquired about only go to 34 cm.

  2. Thanks. I'll fire off a inquiry to them. I'm told Sharp Racing might have one that will go wide enough too.
  3. Yup Sharp racing is pretty wide, and for a cheap option, The Aldi stand is even wider
  4. After a few inquiries:
    The Sharp Racing stand goes from 25 to 41 cm so is plenty wide enough.
    The Anderson stand goes to 36.5 cm but can be stretched about another 2cm.
    I think a few of the stands can be stretched out a bit but I'd be suspect about doing it.

    As for the Aldi one - I don't think I'd have a hope of getting one at this stage.
  5. Can anyone help on what is involved in fitting the bike ready for a paddock stand? I have a cb400.
  6. Usually either spools (if the bike has provision for them) or L shaped brackets which fit under the swing arm. Most recommend spools if you have the provision for them.

    Someone with a CB400 may need to chime in about whether the CB400 takes spools or not or check with Kaneg or start a new thread with the bike model in the title to catch the eye of someone with that bike.
  7. Recomend only using spools, The "L" brackets are too easy for the bike to slip off..
  8. If you do decide to go with a L bracket stand I'm actually selling one. $80. Let me know if your interested.
  9. Hi Guys...

    Thanks for your input. Not sure which way I will go yet, but appreciate your advice..
  10. Sorry the price is actually $60 for the stand if you're looking for an L bracket stand. Negotiable