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wide foot / tight boot?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Zaphod69, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've bought a pair of Falco Axis boots - went a size 35 (business shoe size is 10.5). Length inside the boot is fine - no cramped toes etc - but after wearing them for 10-15 minutes the outside of my foot (at the widest point) is throbbing.

    I'm hoping it's just because they are new (BTW - first ever bike boots for me) but if they keep hurting as bad as they are is there any particular type of boot for wide feet?

  2. Hi Wayne,

    They usually stretch providing the sole is not holding the width much smaller than your foot but as you can get them on and ride for a while I think they are probably ok. Getting the leather wet and wearing them for short periods walking around the house a few days a week will loosen them up.

    If you have a particularly wide foot you may need to get some custom boots made.
  3. i had the exact same problem as you, i finally settled on a set of alpinestars smx-4 boots. pricey at $400, but they are now perfect. at first they were a tiny tiny bit tight, but they stretched and now they fit fine and they give a great feel on the pedals. i can and do wear them all day long without getting sore feet

    if your boots hurt that much i dont think they will stretch far enough. if they crushed your feet when you tried them at the store theyre no good.....
  4. Hi guys,

    Thanks for that.

    When I tried them on in the store I thought they were excellent but after 15 min they start to hurt.

    I've just compared the sole of the boot to my work shoe - same size. I'll try and break them in at home over a couple of weeks and see how I go.

    I had been considering getting a short style boot as a compromise for rides to the shop etc - any thoughts on these types of boot?

  5. a bootmaker might be able to stretch them for you
  6. well if you find a comfortable long boot then i dont think you need to, or should compromise with a smaller boot. youll lose some of the ankle and shin protection. besides the ones i have are zip and velcro which are faster to put on then lace shoes :grin:
  7. Pack them with damp newspaper, then let them dry naturally. :wink:
  8. mmm, get some alpinestars.
    i dont have a lnog foot, but its broad.
    i've tried on a fair freakin few boots, looknig for the perfect pair. most were too tight around the widest part, like above the bridge of ur foot.
    A*'s seem to fit me well tho.
    shame the best was the most expensive haha, Supertech R's.
    amazingly comfy tho :grin:
  9. Thanks for all the replys,

    I'll try the suggestions before getting anything else. Have decided to stay with the full boot rather than the short type. Protection first.

  10. i have a pair of falco axis. my feet are narrow and they fit me snugly so they are definately on the narrow side