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Wicked Wednesdays- Drag strip street meetings.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by kols_kebabs, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. Just wondering has taken their street bike to the strip?

    In particular, I was reading about Western Sydney's International Dragway (WSID)- http://www.wsid.com.au/MajorEvent.asp?Event=Wicked

    Wicked Wednesdays sound cool :)

    My bike doesn't have much HP- I'd be hoping to do around 14sec, anything near 13sec would be awesome- the limits of my bike.

    It doesn't cost much, and it sounds like a blast.

    A couple of questions-

    What's the optimal drag launch technique? My bike has slightly greater power than a 250 sports, so it shouldn't go skyward or burnout :shock:

    Should I just rev it to redline, then drop clutch? Feed it out ASAP?

    How high is optimal to change gears? Should I go all the way to redline, or is it better to change just after peak power?

    How much damage will it do to my bike? How expensive can it get? Is an oil change/spark plugs, recommended after each run?

    Does anyone here frequent WSID? I'd love to meet anyone up there one night, so someone could show me the ropes, and we could have a chat?
  3. Why the hell not? Thats what the bike can do. And its hardly the hardest bike to ride at its limit.

    It hasn't got that much power. It'll wheelie, but not particularly easily.

    Not everyone would be on a 4 cylinder bike. A good few harleys for sure, though your average harley rider at the strip would no doubt be running a bit better than stock.

    Talk about taking it too seriously. I'm only racing to see what myself and my bike are capable of. I don't expect to beat people. But where else can I see how fast I can go?

    You remind me of a mate of mine. I was talking to him about how I was keen on having a go at bucket racing. I told him how its mostly 150cc commuters from the 80's. He said "couldn't you just take an NSR150 out there and flog them all"? :roll: Way to miss the point of the sport.

    It's about what you can do with what you've got, a bit of skill.
  5. kols, i take my szr out there whenever i can, and im racing at bikefest in april also. my best time so far has been 14.225, but i reckon i can go better. it doesnt matter how quick you go , you are only racing against yourself.
    also, its all about entertaining the crowd :) i did a nice mono last time out, and the crowd loved it :)

  6. Plus 2 to 3 times the weight and barely more power?

    My bike stock, is quicker than almost all stock Harleys.

    How long have you been riding? Just funny, in your other posts I thought you were pretty much a begginer, and you are on your L's. But you're not setting a bad time by any means.

    And you can mono, which I haven't been game enough to try.

    Haven't you only had the SZR for about a month too? You've sure come to grips with it quickly.
  8. yeah, ive only had it for 3 mnths or so, having a lot fo fun, + im a quick learner :p
  9. You seem to be hung up on my maintenance questions. I wasn't necessarily concerned about those specific things "oil and sparkplugs".
    Obviously, after racing your bike you want to give it a good looking over, and check consumables etc...
    I was just hoping for some examples of things that might need to be checked over.
    For example, I know intuitively that if I was to race my bike, it will do a lot of damage to my chain in its current state. Single cylinder bikes destroy chains, and I know its demise would be fairly soon if I chose to race it.

    You could be helpfull and suggest things such as this... that is if you have actually ever raced yourself, and know anything about it?

    Most harleys are around 300kg's. Most have around 60-70hp

    My bike weighs around 150kg's. It has around 50hp.

    higher power/weight.

    Yes I do know some things.

    To quote myself "Not everyone would be on a 4 cylinder bike. A good few harleys for sure, though your average harley rider at the strip would no doubt be running a bit better than stock".
    Thanks for repeating what I already said. And then arrogantly acting as though I wouldn't have thought of it myself
    If I had as much money as your average harley rider, I could make my bike a fair bit quicker too. For a reasonable price 70hp, is attainable without sacrificing reliabilty, and I could lose a fair bit of weight too.

    I won't embarass myself by trying to predict how quick a 130kg, 70hp bike would be, but I'd hazard a guess that it would be well within the 12second limit for entry to Modified bike.
  10. Thanks.

    As soon as study dies down, next holidays, I'll come out for sure. Probally around a month, more or less.

    Bring the busa! Is it your street bike as well?

    Hmm, I can't say I've found that to be true yet :p
  11. kols, see if you can come to the april sportsbike shootout at WSID. easter saturday the 15th i believe, its bikefest there also. should be an awesome day out and i will be there for sure :) wouldnt mind giving you a drag :) and i have a rear tyre to burn up at the burnout area heh :)
  12. Wrong, learn to read properly before you try and get into arguments with your mental superiors, the mods deleted your posts because you can't remain civil.

  13. Ahhh, a chopped bike is one that's got big rake and chrome for shows is it?
    You nooobs that think you know it all are hilarious.

    Common sense would tell most people what chopping is.

    One day you might work it out.
  14. dam man
    you got a turbo busa??
    man that would be just sick on the straight
    :LOL: :LOL:
  15. it is until the turbo gets too much and the back end starts sliding :p
  16. I'm glad it goes well on the straights, Cagiva Mito's overtake him regularly through the twisties.
  17. i wouldnt worry about it cas, ( i can vouch for cas and his friends help and unswerving dedication to street bike drag racing) we are obviously all "noobs" to hond@. and street bike dragging is obviously something he dissaproves of, as "they get overtaken on corners by small nimble bikes". so basically, grow up mate, and don't give any advice from your high and mighty viewpoint please, as it may affect our reputation as bikers everywhere.
  18. I'm keen to come out in April.

    How strict are they on safety gear? on the website it says

    I of course have a helmet, and a pair of draggin jeans which should be decent enough. Plus a pair of cheap-o $60 gloves.

    However my leather jacket was bought for me on my parents holiday to India. It's tough for sure, but hardly "approved" in any way.

    As far as I know, there is no Australian standard for jackets, although there is a European standard. Do they care at all?

    I don't own any boots either. Seems like a waste of $100, considering I'll never wear them in regular riding, but I guess I'll have to take this hit.