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Wicked Gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hornet, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. Well, a few weeks ago I bought a new winter jacket from Wicked Gear, Motorcycle Apparel/Accessories-Gloves,Jackets,Boots,Jeans and more-.Lowest Prices and Top Quality and No Hassle Returns, Where Quality And Price Are The Perfect Fit via their eBay site. Jacket cost only $100 but since the bike is for recreation only I figured I could pick the days I ride, and it would do for the odd cold days I do.
    It arrived duly, exactly as described, and tested very well! So I bought the matching pants as well. Today was the first time I've had a chance to test them and I am impressed!! They have a padded winter liner, and today in the breezy Highlands, with only a pair of long-johns underneath, they were almost too warm!
    So, it's only budget gear, not BMW standard, and I did have one small piece of stitching let go (fixed it myself), but I'm still happy to recommend it...

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  2. I should add that I wear XL in most clothes, but I bought 2XL for the jacket and 3XL for the pants, to allow for wearing stuff underneath them.....
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  3. I like these wicked gear.... FB_IMG_1468286802149.
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  4. Drooling over the bikes but you can have the boots all to your self.
  5. The textile pants hornethornet ?. A while back I bought some of their glove and was happy with the quality also.
  6. Yes, same material as the jacket, well-stitched, and with reflective panels for safety....
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  7. Yesterday's 'RoadKill" ride reinforced my delight with this budget gear. I wore a long-sleeved, roll-neck skivvie under the jacket and a pair of long-johns and long football socks under the pants, and mid-afternoon coming back up through Berry I was almost hot!
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  8. I'm sure you are a nice guy Hornet but that's stretching it a bit.
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  9. your drooling over those bikes?
    your easy to please
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  10. Well, it was a tick over 20 degrees and sunny...
  11. Always wanted a beemer but they were never in my price range.
  12. Always interested in how this gear checks out. Interested in if it goes the distance up against some of its big name rivals. Keep us posted. I always work on, you get what you pay for. I could be wrong.
  13. bragger - I'll let Angelina know she can kick Brad out
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  14. On Sunday I left home at 5:00am to ride the Putty. It wasn't warm!!! I had the heated grips on as soon as I hit the Mount Ousley Road, and all the way through Sydney, and until I stopped for coffee at Road Warriors, but I'm delighted to say that with only one layer of stuff underneath my Wicked Gear, I never felt the cold.

    Still recommended!
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