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Why's the ranga so on the nose? QLD rejects Labor.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/mo...23pc-in-north/comments-fn7x8me2-1226124044119

    Labor support slumps to 23pc in north

    UPDATE 10.50am: LABOR is attempting to play down the results of a new poll, which shows Kevin Rudd would be its only Queensland MP if an election was held now.

    Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan would be among those swept from office if, as the exclusive Galaxy Poll finds, the ALP's Lower House seats tally in Queensland plunged from seven to one.

    Wider ramifications for the Gillard Government are stark - its worst states could deliver enough seats on their own for a Coalition victory.
    Most recent polls show Victoria is the only state where Labor is ahead on the two-party vote.

    Another Queensland Labor MP, Trade Minister Craig Emerson, said the government was focused on its policy work.

    Dr Emerson said comparisons to the anger of voters in 1975 were unfair.
    "I think obviously there is some annoyance with Labor and there's also annoyance with the coalition," he told ABC Radio.

    Read full story

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    Judging by some of the reader comments to that news story, Labor (and particularly Julia G) is on the nose. Was this inevitable due to forming a minority government with the Greens and independents? Does that mean the Libs would have suffered the same fate?

    How much is hookergate hurting the Government?

    This is a fascinating time in National politics.
  2. I think people are deeply suspicious of the Greens agenda, and the Prime Minister using them as the excuse for her lie about the carbon tax only heightens the mood. If she was making her own decisions she wouldn't be carrying the cabon tax millstone round her neck and her popularity would be higher, I am sure.
  3. Queenslanders...


  4. Not inevitable but the result of incompetence, would you like a list ?
  5. Yes ..
  6. The additional poll finding that the Herald Sun is carefully keeping out of view in that report is that 63% of those same Queenslanders would vote for Kevin Rudd if he was back in charge.

    I think that tells the whole story. Those who hated the Greens still hate 'em, but those who hate the inglorious bastards that hijacked Labor continue to hate Gillard.
  7. I like that Bretto61
  8. Last time I was in QLD, it seemed that most of them were Melbounites moved up for the warmer climate :p
  9. I think it's more a product of the QLD Labor government. Once that is gone then Queenslanders will have it off their chest and it will swing back a bit.

    I'm not sure why Queenslanders are so pissed with state labor. Seems to be a case of time for a change in the extreme and a lot of negative Murdock press.
  10. Can only blame so much on the press especially when everybody seems to be turning against them at the moment, labor prowerbrokers, opinion writers in The Age...

    I think you're right about the QLD labor having a big impact.
  11. That's possible, but for some weird reason queensland has always been very right wing.
  12. The way joolia came to power for starters because it was perceived Rudd was unpopular, well now look.
    The lie about the carbon tax.
    The cost of power right across the board.
    On a positive note our economy is still going well in comparison with 95% of the rest of the world.
    The Murdock press is also very anti ALP which is not helping considering the sheeple thrive off that tripe.
    But it is the perception of all the lies, the spin doctoring and that fuken carbon tax which s killing labor, that and the greens licking their chops at taxing us out of our homes.
    Bring on the sex party!!!!!!
  13. An election is still two years away.
    Unless, I suspect, this carbon tax thingie actually gets a start, in which case we'll be lining up to boot them out the week after.
  14. I am a Queenslander and this state has been destroyed by the labour government and their green agenda. Up here, Julia is known as Julia Brown and her offsider Bob Gillard.

    We hate greens, self centred, arrogant, narrow minded, self interested hypocrites.
  15. By the sounds of things I should move to Queensland...
  16. and retirees who talk a lot of bowling club shit and oh the market is down 10%
    george negus said you get the pollies you deserve
    smartest move for all of us would be to abolish state or federal
    but that would mean pollies voting themselves out of a job
  17. I agree with abolishing state gov. It's an historic crumbling wreck left over from the 1700's.
  18. Interesting comment from my 8yo the other day: Came home from school and told us that she was told that Julia Gillard is terrible because she wants to kill lots of people with the 'carbon tax'.

    F*** me. We deserve everything we get. Absolute morons.
  19. our state government is running us into the ground with thier incompetance and mismanagement just as federal government is doin to australia. Yes state governments should be abolished and regional councils used to manage local concerns have the federal government actually do their jobs