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why's that cop flashing his lights at me?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by x5466, May 22, 2009.

  1. today was heading through cranbourne on a main road 3lane 80k zone and coming in the oppisite direction is a cop bike and he starts flashing his lights at me which instantly drew my attention.
    im like wtf? he isnt telling me theres a camera ahead, i start looking at my gauges thinkin maybe i left a blinker on or something... nope i look at him again think maybe he's just sayin gday... nah couldnt be that so i take a bit of a look around me, look ahead..nothing mirrors (left then right) nothing, then look to my left and all of a sudden theres a 4wd kissing my mirror with his driver door, luckly is was coming up to the lights so i swerved into the lane to turn right (i had been in the middle of the lane next to him in line with his door last time i had looked so a perfect example of people just dont look where there going if he had he would have seen me. looked at him and raised a hand when stopped at the lights like what are you doing? and he just sat there eye balling me no sorry nothing.
    now i cant help wondering if that copper hadn't flashed his lights at me would i have noticed sooner or gone straight under.
    very glad i got out of this he had a trailer and all on the back if i went under i think id be pretty f#%ked

  2. did the cop book him?
  3. Could have been flashing the 4wd for speeding?
  4. What time of day was it?
  5. That's just f***ed. Basically he didn't care whether or not he almost ran you over and probably wouldn't have cared if he actually did. These are the sort of people who only start to understand if you retaliate. Retaliation isn't the sort of thing that I do nor condone. Stories like this plain $h!t me. 4WDs - more often than not, the city drivers of them don't give a f**k about anyone else's safety or right to be on the road.

    Before anyone starts with "you shouldn't be riding", that's just my vent. I'm normally a placid character and never go looking for trouble.

    Anyway, I'm going for a nice ride soon. :)
  6. nah cop didnt book him, and he wasnt speeding because i had been riding side by side with him for about a km and it was at about 1-2pm lovely day for a ride nice sun but no glare no wind.

    i cant help but thinking now i was almost in a preect spot to be seen ( in line with his driver door just left of center in the lane maybe he did see me and figured id just get out of his way (you 4wd attitude bigger vehicle has right of way) because he moved over verrryyy slowly thinking about the time it took me to realise from when the cop flashed his lights.
  7. Should have smacked him across the chops with said raised hand :p I've had similar around king georges road, except my situation was i'm in the middle lane (3 lanes each way) 4x4 turning left from left lane, decides that the scandinavian flick is needed, and goes about 1/4 into my lane to the right, to make their left turn :evil: Luckily I had time to move over, but ffs!
  8. Sometimes it works for you and sometimes it doesn't. A couple of years ago I was hooting along on Thunderbolts Way, anticipating the next stop and pushing it just a little. A car came over the rise heading towards me and, as it got closer, I realised it was a HWP car. I looked down at my speedo and it was showing 130.

    Oops. I waited for the inevitable, but, instead, the cop simply flashed his lights at me, patted the top of his dashboard and kept going.

  9. A few years ago I was riding down Auburn Rd Hawthorn (Melb) single lane each way with parked cars to the left for those who dont know it.
    I had a prik in a shiny black BMW tail gating me most of the way from the freeway turn off up to Riversdale rd where at the intersection he drove into the left lane because there was no parked cars there and came up beside me, then while looking straight at me started to merge into my lane, didnt even bother with the indicators, I had cars in front of me and behind, and heaps of traffic coming the other way to my right, so I did the only thing I could do, I planted the boot as hard as I could into his door. he stopped and I just kept going. When I looked into my mirrors the guy in the car behind me was clapping his hands and laughing.
    Felt damn good.

  10. :LOL: something ive been tempted to do many times but scared it will put me in a wobble and end up under a car
  11. copper should have booked him for dangerous driving. there is no way its safe to be right up next to a bike