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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ward_4e, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Well I just got paid which is usualy a joyus occasion meaning the end of another tuna and rice life... So I paid all my bills, paid the mobile bill, home phone and 100 off the elec bill and loan payment well surpirse... I'm screwed... :( not too badly... but still it makes me wonder and ask why...

    I wonder mostly when I am going to get to start saving to have a life... fix a few things on the bike and generaly get to take my girl out once ina while... and not just to teh movies on tight arse tuesday, Thats not going out. :( have a normal life.... relax have the cash at the end of the month maybe go on a ride or two with my baby or the net rider crew... I'm not really asking that much....

    AND Why am I getting taxed like a oxen whore to support 3rd generation wellfare bogans who have a better quality of life than me. Wake up paid to stay at home and pop out kids with a cash incentive...

    I am so over it...

  2. I wonder if Annie Lennox or DJ Sammy can add those words in the lyrics ! :LOL:

    Sorry dude, its one of my favourite songs.
  3. +1 dude

    I want to buy a home with my boy, settle down a bit and not have to worry about it impacting so bl**dy much on our quality of life. I don't want to spend another 10 years "saving" for a f***ing deposit.

    I want interest rates to drop, not rise and get a break on my tax. I want to be able to fix my bike when I need it, get it better insured... And I can't afford it.

    I could use a whole new wardrobe (having gained a lot of weight) and can't afford that either. Dresses should not cost $90, tops and pants shouldn't cost $50 each.

    I'd like a decent pay rise. I have a great job, but it pays pretty badly for the industry.
  4. Well it's because stuff like this costs money.

    I mean hell, out of all of us who but Johnny deserves $844,000 holidays?
  5. I'll tell you now, if you want change, you have to make the change.
    I saved a deposit on and bought a house on a single income. I had to buy in a city I wasn't living in and then go and find work in that city.
    If you can't afford what you want, you have to either change what you want, or earn more money.
    The hardest thing to do, but by far the best way to save money if you can swallow some pride, would be to move in with some relatives for six months if you can. You WILL save the money that way.
    I hate taxes as much as you, and have been paid some VERY ordinary wages in the past.
    So, see what you can afford and go from there. If you can get more qualifications to earn more money, do it!
    There is no shortcut in life I am afraid. As Dr Phil says, "If what you are doing isn't working, stop doing it."

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. i feel ya mate, such is life....
  7. At the risk of getting flamed in all directions, Ward, can I ask; do you smoke and /or drink???

    I know people say that they're entitled to their simple pleasures, but they are simple EXPENSIVE pleasures.

    {I'm not being a wowser and saying you should stop, just highlighting that they cost a lot of money}

  8. Fair call I reckon. We had a young bloke at work, always complaining about not having any money (not comparing to anyone in the thread, just an anecdote). He used to spend around $50 a week on ciggies, around $80 a week in alcohol/going out to pubs, and wait for it, around $100 a week at the TAB! Bloody fool.
    Mind you, this same kid had two kids on child support, two outstanding drink drive/drive disqualified fines too. :shock:
    I saved for my house by not going out AT ALL for 8 months, spent $50/week on gorceries etc. Short term pain for long term gain and all that.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Yup .. it's always funny when you hear most people complain as it seems to be mostly i wants which involve them getting something, but never about what they are goign to put in to get it. I guess it's the difference between realism and drive, or just sitting back and expecting it to come from elsewhere.
  10. Chin up Ward, write down your goals and then put in small steps to get there. Be very specific and put timelines on them.

    I am now building my dream home and riding a bike because I changed them from dreams to goals. It is amazing how fast things can turn around.

    Without goals life will be something that happens around you.

    Remember its not how many times you fall over its how many times you get back up!
  11. I have no probs with polies in general earning a decent $$ and going OS to do there job, what pissses me off is there are so many of the fukers.
    loacal govt, states, govt, federal govt, fark knows how many political partys and independentas.

    piss off the state govts, get some real politicians in at local levels not the knobs we now have in councils, 1 decent police force across the country, uniform laws, give the whole bloody system a real good shake up
  12. Have you tried automatically paying things weekly out of your wage using internet banking. I do this as I am terrible with budgeting but it helps me track my spending. Can you consolidate any debts to reduce your repayments. Credit cards and store cards have notoriously high interest rates.

    Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world which doesn't help.
  13. And there is one of the biggest ways to save money, don't buy anything retail if you can avoid it. Buy second hand, make it, do without. Avoid taxes and charges.
    Sell shit and buy cheap shit that wil do the job. Use the profits for what you want. I drove a $700 Valiant for 18 months......

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Cheers people... but I've still had it...

    I know its farked... I'm a first home buyer... Its great that you are looking to get a place for you and your boy...I just want to stop payying rent!! What a waste of money. I went through all the calcs and info on getting a place and well unless I have at least 10% they dont want to even look at you... so back to the atempt to save money...

    you and me both I cant believe how old all my clothes are.. my girl keeps on me about getting new ones but once you have paid the majors and look at whats left you kinda think no... not this month. My job is good at times but i am really struggeling to justify the stress vs the gain.

    Yeah it fcuking burns doesnt it... really they should be doing the job for free at that level... what really do they have to pay for? Free accomodation, most meals or so heavily discounted it dooesnt really matter. All travel to and from work, clothing and holidays... yep I'd say they should'nt recieve anything. Remember most if not all politicans are or were independanlty wealthy before they reached major office.

    You think of it you have no costs anything is a fortune. All year no costs and 25k to spend on what ever you want. 25k/12 = 2083 a month... oooh I'd kill for that.

    cheers mate... I'm generaly prety cheerful... its the grinding I cant stand.

    sorry mate my bike is my only real vice.. I'd be lucky to spend including drinks at joes on mundane monday 65 a month... My gil and i tend to buy a slab of crusers for her and a bottle of gin for me... but its rare Dont smoke, and gave up illicit gear years back so I'm stone cold sober. Probably why I'm so pesamistic at the moment.

    cheers matti... and sonic... I'm a netbank whore... all direct debit and ahead of bills... thats why the utility companies love me because generaly I'm allways in credit...

    On credit cards.. I dont have one, my baby does and I pay all the bills so she can lay down $750 a month on that vampire... I still find it hell when I am down to my last pair of decent dress blacks, ride shoes are farked and the bike needs work justifying 750....
  15. :LOL: you too? my first car was a ute... a '76 215cui hemi doge ute manufactured in adelade...and according to ract fully imported from the usa! stupid computer system. :LOL:

    it cost me 300 with four semi bald tyers, bad brakes, stuffed altenator, work broken cam, stuffed steering box and teh headlight electrics were shot... I was in 7th heaven.. I didnt know what a ring spanner and torque wrentch were when I got her... and old bell was sold two years later for $500 all problems fixed and to a guy who reminded me of an equily destitue young guy looking for help and a ute... I miss that ute. I upgraded to a datsun.
  16. Upgrade!? :roll: Seriously, I had a thing for Valiants and Chargers in particular when I was young, they used to be cheap......
    I know it sucks, but do you have any wealthy rellos who could help you out a bit with a loan for a deposit? Have you enquired into the zero deposit loans? It's crap being on teh rental treadmill, I know that for sure.
    I'm still driving a $3000 car, one day I may spend upwards of $5k on a car! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. nah I checked up on the 0% loans a while ago... Its definatley "sorry we did it by ourselves so you can to"... followed by the "suck it up" speech...

    Its kinda funny I'm the only son who moved out on their own steam... all the others had assitance. Meh Its the middle child scenario.

    edit : chirst I'm about to reach 800 posts...
  18. does the "other half" work? if your letting her spend 750 on a credit card a month, (and "other half" works) then why aren'tyou getting 750 a month to spend.. or better still save?

    If the "other half" isn't working, then how can 750 spending money be justified?

    Gotta be some give and take here, and not just one person give the other take.

    I've been married 23 years and for about 21 1/2 of that the only one getting a wage, I know it's bloody hard, but it can be done.

    My wife has refused gifts I've vought her due to the perceived expense, had gone without new clothes etc so the kids could have a holiday/school trip etc. (neither of us are into flash clothes etc anyway, if you see me In my best clothes I still look like a homeless street-bum.)

    If it's worrying/stressing you out enough to voice here.. you need to speak to the other half... pronto...


    (purposely used "other half" in an attempt to be politically correct and not offend any of the three genders)
  19. I missed that post with the credit card bill.
    My advice, get rid of the credit card and the loan, consolidate into one loan, pay it off pronto, then save that deposit.
    I sold stuff I owned to get the house. $750 a month...throw another $62 on that and you could pay my mortgage......
    Your call, house or luxuries.

    Regards, Andrew.