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NSW Why you shouldn't use video camera

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Vertical C, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. http://www.police.nsw.gov.au/news/l...nb3YuYXUlMkZtZWRpYSUyRjIzODI1Lmh0bWwmYWxsPTE=

    Motorcyclists caught 'street racing' - Cowan

    Sunday, 17 June 2012 06:46:09 AM

    Police have charged two motorcyclists and will confiscate their bikes after being allegedly caught ‘street racing’ north of Sydney yesterday afternoon.

    About 3.45pm (Saturday 16 June), highway patrol officers from Kuring-gai Local Area Command spotted the motorcycles travelling south on the Pacific Highway near Cowan at 140kph in an 80kph zone.

    The motorcycles were travelling side-by-side in what police will allege was a form of ‘street race’.

    Police stopped both bikes and spoke with the two drivers, men aged 49 and 47.

    Officers also seized a video camera which was found fitted and recording on one of the bikes.

    A subsequent viewing of that vision showed the bikes travelling for more than two kilometres along winding roads at an average speed of 128kph

    Police arrested both drivers and charged them with street racing, dangerous driving and exceeding the speed limit by more than 45 kph.

    Their licences have also been suspended and police will issue a notice to confiscate both bikes.

    The pair is due to appear at Hornsby Local Court on July 11.

    Traffic and Highway Patrol Command’s Operations Manager, Superintendent Stuart Smith said the supposed ‘mature’ age of the two men involved was a major concern for police.

    “This type of idiotic behaviour is normally the domain of the young, so it is extremely worrying to see people with years of driving experience act in this manner.

    “While they felt the right to use the road as a playground, their actions placed their own lives and those of every other motorist at grave risk.”

  2. Re: Why you shouldn't use a go pro

    just don't be recording when you're out doing silly stuff
  3. Re: Why you shouldn't use a go pro

    Somebody needs to come up with a device that wipes the memory unless a pin code is entered or something.

    That being said.... Time and place gentlemen, time and place.
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  4. Re: Why you shouldn't use a go pro

    IIRC, and depending on the jurisdiction, it's a better idea to mount the cam on your person rather than the bike.
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  5. Re: Why you shouldn't use a go pro

    Are they legally aloud to confiscate filming equipment?

    its funny that they're happy to charge these people based on the footage and obviously catching them but the footage plays a big part in their arrest as it shows them at the high rate of speed.

    yet someone gets almost knocked off their bike (sbb) and others and they basically say their hands are tied as they can't do anything based off the footage... just goes to show unless its going to make them money and helps them push across their views on how we are all hoons etc.. but they won't do anything to help someone who has been a victim.


    also i doubt they were "Racing", i'm sure that charge will get dropped, they were both speeding and having fun but i highly doubt they were racing.. its more of a they were both doing the same speed..
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  6. Re: Why you shouldn't use a go pro

    On what grounds can they confiscate a camera on the spot? Surely the Police would have to get some sort of authority to do such a thing?
    BTW, if you are using a camera best not have the speedo visible.
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  7. Re: Why you shouldn't use a go pro

    In some state, yes - if it's on the bike, not your body (can't search you).
  8. Re: Why you shouldn't use a go pro

    Bet they'll be out in force this weekend :\

    Is there a way to encrypt Go-Pro footage or password the entire card?
  9. Re: Why you shouldn't use a go pro

    yeah, in my case they said they could not work out speed off my video.

    but then again, i didn't get the brightest of people to deal with ;)
  10. Re: Why you shouldn't use a go pro


    Was looking forward to finally getting back onto the Old Rd next weekend. I might give it a miss now :| PIS should start selling donuts instead...
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  11. Re: Why you shouldn't use a go pro

    That's crazy.. I managed to get up there early enough to miss most of the HWP action this morning but by about 9am there's too many cops hiding behind trees with radars for my liking.
  12. Re: Why you shouldn't use a go pro

    If you lot were talking about bike thieves videoing their escapades, and got caught and convicted on their own evidence, you would be scoffing, clapping and cheering.
    If you don't want evidence against you, don't make it in the first place.
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  13. Re: Why you shouldn't use a go pro

    At risk of being caught wearing a beige cardigan*, title of post could have been "Why you shouldn't travel 140kph in an 80kph zone"

    * However, there doesn't appear to be any GoPro footage to support this allegation
  14. Re: Why you shouldn't use a go pro

    The interesting thing is that if I was sent a speeding fine from a camera, I could not use a video of my speedo showing I was under as a defense, because my speedo could be inaccurate, but somehow when it is the other way round it is evidence of an offence.

    So I don't think that there is any evidence that they did what you said. Hence why I didn't use that as the title.

    No I wouldn't, you underestimate my ability to argue everything.
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  15. Re: Why you shouldn't use a go pro

    It'd be wildly entertaining to rig up a camera on a bike with the speedo in view and use a Speedo Healer to set it to some wildly inaccurate number and post it online bragging about doing 110 on Lygon St or something when really doing the limit to see if the scum show up at your door, then have a whole 'making of' feature showing how it was manipulated to make them look like a bunch of retards.

    Might still cost you in legal fees/harassment, so maybe that goes under "if I had more money than I knew how to use"
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  16. Re: Why you shouldn't use a go pro

    don't overstate your arguing ability with cookie cutter trolling either
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  17. Yeh I think I'll be removing my camera mount from my road bike. As much as I like to record some home videos, after my lengthy court case for riding on old road, video seems like a really bad idea.. That just seals the deal for them. I highly doubt they had an actual lidar or radar reading on them however the video with visible speedo might be enough to back up their "estimate" of their speed, atleast without a good lawyer fighting for you.

    Where they seriously hiding behind trees with lidar on old road guys? If so where abouts? I don't doubt it I just want to know. I've never seen that there. I can tell you first hand, the boys who work that road are greasy.

    I also heard they were defecting there on the weekend.
  18. Re: Why you shouldn't use a go pro

    I love my gopro, I don't have it mounted so you can see the speedo but more importantly I don't race other bikes down busy streets
  19. Re: Why you shouldn't use a go pro

    Its the same as anything you say can be used against you, but never for you. There is an explanation of that in the Never Talk to Police thread.
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  20. Re: Why you shouldn't use a go pro

    cam goes on helmet
    no see speedo