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Why you should not skimp on your gear

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by PranK, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. The following link is my accident story, not a big one, but still a story. I am posting it here because I feel so strongly about the need for good gear.

    If you are a new rider, buy your gear before your bike, especially if you have an overall budget. This will mean that you are more likely to have less money for your bike than your gear.

    You don't need to spend crazy amounts of money, the gear I was wearing on the day of the crash was;

    AGV Stealth helmet - $300
    Ixon leather jacket with Dainese back insert ~$450
    Alpine stars winter gloves ~$70
    Draggin Zipoffs ~$230
    RJays boots ~$140

    Considering that all this stuff will last you years in the seat, $1200 is not a lot of money.

    Anyhoo, I'll let the story and pics tell the story.

    (This has been posted on another forum also, I'm not spamming, just informing)
  2. That's a nasty accident - could have been much worse.

    It seems like you hand took most of the beating - you say "Alpine Stars winter gloves" - but what model specifically? The WR3?

    What speed were you going when the car pulled out? Any idea how quick when you made impact?

    Having had this experience, are you going to still be a rider? If so, and the same situation occurred, would you be able to avoid a crash this time around?
  3. Damn, as a musician I am really worried about screwing my wrists like that. I always suit up, but that happened even with gloves? Those knox handroid gloves are looking more appealing all the time.
  4. Sounds like you had just left home, how fast do you reckon you were you going when you hit the car?
  5. Damn dude, I've known of you for quite some time from back in the skyline days. I really hope you recover as best as posible. With you on the gear thing. I came off a while ago, probably at about 40kmhs. While no where near as bad as your injuries, I was able to lift the bike up. Walk up the road, work out what I did wrong, kick the tyre straight and ride home. Without gear, I'd still be in serious pain I would feel.

    While hindsight is great, I guess trust your first instinct... Don't trust the clown in the car, hell don't trust anyone. The guy in the car, on the pushbike, the pedestrian, the person on the other bike.
  6. Was the driver charged?
  7. Hey guys, to answer some questions;

    Impact was around 45kph. I was doing probably a smidge under 60 before locking up and I left a ~8m skid and after coming off the bike I slid a fair way down the road.

    The break was caused by hitting the car with my hand, there were no scuffs on the left side of my gear. Smashed my hand, went over the bonnet, landed and slid on my right side.

    I really miss riding, its only been about 11 weeks. I have 2 kids (3 years and 3 months) and I think I will go back to riding when they are older. Its not fair to risk myself again while they are 100% dependant on me.

    I was only ~500 metres from home when it happened.

    Driver was charged with Failure to Give Way... $297 and 2 points. What a sham!
  8. :( man. i'm so glad you're here to tell the tale!

    thank goodness witnesses and people helping out and driver stopping etc!
  9. Thanks lowercase.

    The people that stopped were amazing and I am so thankful to them.
  10. Damn! Glad you're alive to tell the tale.....one nasty prang.

    Is it me or does a loss of points / fine seem disproportionate to the damage and injuries done to a motorcyclist?
  11. Ouch! That looks very painful :| Very unfortunate to have such a huge break at such a low speed too I'd have thought?

    Agree with the gear thing however there's really only so much it can do. Fact is, if you collide with something, no matter what you're wearing, it's going to hurt.
  12. So sorry to hear about the incident and the way that is has impacted you and you life in so many ways. I guess protective clothing can only prevent a certain amount of damage being done to one's body. Actual impact to a limb etc can only be lessened to a point by protective clothing and then I guess that bones in the body just give way and break after a certain amount of pressure/impact.
    At least you are alive and you can wake up everyday and still see you wife and kids smiling faces.....................that is priceless.
    Heal up soon.
  13. Well, given that it wasn't deliberate, the driver stopped and only one road rule was violated, it does seem fair. Keep in mind that criminal convictions and/or jail sentences can ruin people's lives and livelihoods. It sucks that the OP's wrist was broken so badly, but that's luck because of how he fell. If he'd jumped up without a scratch, you wouldn't be asking this question - and personally, I'd prefer that failure to give way be penalized every time, not just when a hospitalization results.

    If the penalties are too harsh (mandatory jail sentences for example), hit and runs would become more prevalent. Also, the driver is paying for damage, so he's out of pocket more than just $257.
  14. Mate, I just laughed at the cop when he told me... I was stunned. Considering he was driving with a suspended license also (he got away with this as he claimed he wasnt notified.)

    Regarding the gear, there was no amount of gear that would have saved the wrist being broken, it snapped when the bike stopped dead and my hand was still on the handlebars (at least thats what we think) there was no damage at all to the glove, so it didn't hit the road. BUT, my leg, foor and right hand could have been in a much worse way if the gear I was wearing did not stay intact.
  15. WTF!? So what the hell is the point in taking point off his licence?
  16. I know you've just been through a lot, and the paternal instinct is a strong one - but remember that you make safety sacrifices every time you jaywalk, drive a car that isn't a Passat (winner of the sedan safest car of the year), or go outside in a thunderstorm. You could argue that to not wear a racing helmet when you drive your car to work "isn't fair when my kids are 100% dependent on me" as well - but that is pretty silly.

    It's totally fair enough to say that the joy YOU get from riding isn't great enough to outweigh the increase in risk - that's your call to make and I know that's what you meant - but be careful with statements that imply someone who has dependents but makes a different call is being unfair on their own kids. :)
  17. deliberate no
    negligent yes

    Thanks for sharing PranK and best wishes for your recovery.

    a timely reminder, given the amount of noobs we've had lately on this forum with questions regarding gear.
    45 kph impact can easilly break bones, we're only human.
    i hit a car at 60 kph and pieces of bone flew out of me.
    one of the major benefits of wearing propper/well fitting gear (apart from resistance to abrasion sliding down a road), is that it can help immensly to keep your bones inside you.
    compound fractures, where your bones protrude cause additional complications.

    another recent thread has a new rider working out a budget for what gear he needs.
    you could offer me a million dollars to ride to work in my work clothes, work boots... i swear i'd decline your offer.
    since i've been riding i've clocked up a year in total hospitalised.
    I have never been at fault in an accident.
    if i knew then, what i know now... i would have worn all the gear, all the time.
    i would have saved myself at least 6 months, maybe more, laid up with injury.
    money can't buy back what i lost in that year.
    you only live once.
  18. that's just garbage!
    pretty sure you can go after the driver as his negligence caused you not only medical expenses etc but you're unable to work. i'd be phoning that lawyer if i were you
  19. For a start thats bullshit, nearly getting a guy killed and badly wounded for the rest of his life.. naah multi year ban.. what if youd been killed?! Dont the morons who make these laws have kids? Or Family?!

    Thats kinda got me worried now ay.. I've gone and brought proper riding gear, and I watch what I'm doing when I ride, but.. is Like, kevlar bracers on ya wrists, proper gloves etc etc able to prevent or lessen something like that?

    Same thing happened to a friend of mine, but he did BOTH wrists, both wrists will be at 30% capacity for the rest of his life, he still rides, but he cant do offroad racing/riding anymore. Not something I'd like to loose. I enjoy my dexterity, seems its my job and everything.

    Ah well I suppose best I can hope for is to ride safely and wear as much protective gear as I can!

    Thankyou for sharing your story with us, I never did get out of my friend an actual recount of what that experience was like. I dont think its something he wants to recount.
  20. nah, sometimes some parents need a verbal backhand. To be told their place.
    yeh well, he wasn't, was he?

    How does this sound? Tomorrow you get pulled over because you could have run over a granny at that intersection back there and then the cop decides its safest to arrest you because you had the option of getting your hands on some kiddie p0rn a few months back. Finally the judge agrees it's safest to put you in prison for term of natural life just in case you have the chance to do it again?