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Why you should always check your tyres

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by PeskySheepy, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Today was the first sunny day after heaps of rain and the world seemed like a bright and cheery place - I had the morning off Uni and had lined up a few riding buddies to take a leisurely stroll through the Gold Coast hinterland and although I was running slightly behind schedule I was feeling good. No. I was feeling great!

    Pulled the leathers on, wandered out to the garage to switch the bike on and let it warm up. Geared up, jumped on and reversed out.

    I had to roll back a couple of metres to clear the cars parked outside and give myself enough room to turn. The bike felt a touch strange as I braked - I should have checked it out but I didn't. I was off in lala land gleefully plotting the roads I'd take to get to the meet point.

    I gave it a couple of rev's. Sounded fine. Popped it into first and took off down the driveway. I got about three feet when all of a sudden the front tyre locked up and it went straight over onto its right hand side. Happened in the space of a few seconds and was completely unexpected.

    Hit the kill switch, jumped up and roared in extreme displeasure so that all in the household could feel my distress. Damage that I could see - Smashed indicator, near new fairing badly scratched and cracked, bent handlebar, smashed mirror, hugely bruised ego.

    My nephews had been playing in the garage before I'd left and in my haste to leave I hadn't noticed that one of them had looped an old pair of scrappy PJ pants being used as a rag through the spokes of my front tyre. It got wedged inside one of the brake callipers and over I went.

    I'm pretty rage about it since I love my bike, leathers are great – I didn’t feel a thing - and the nephews are momentarily struck of the Christmas present list. Ha.

    Anyhoo moral of the story? Always check ya bike over completely before you take off.
  2. I'd be fracking ropable, nephews or no. Bugger mate.
  3. Great way to wreck your week, sorry to hear it! ](*,)

  4. Glad you didn't get hurt.

    You actually learnt 2 lessons.

    1. Always check your bike over before riding off
    2. Don't trust children.

    Personally, I'd be asking my sister/brother to at least help pay for the damage caused by their children.

    Actually, I thought this was going to be a "make sure you check your tyre condition/pressure" thread.
  5. Thanks for the commiserations. I've pulled all the broken bits off, it's all fixable just costly and irritating. Har. Your right. The title should be "Make sure you check for 'gifts' left by hideous bike killing spawn."
  6. At least you've got someone else to blame... I left a disc lock on one time...
  7. Ouchies. I can so imagine my nephews doing that back in their days to my bike but thank God they are not that young anymore. Get your sis or bro to cough up and help your for the repairs.

    I have to say 1 good thing of a naked bike is that because of the lack of fairings it is easy to see if something is/isn't where it should/shouldn't be though shit happens.
  8. Damn!!... sorry to hear about the crappy end to a planned fab ride!! :(

    I would be fricking annoyed....and maybe put the bike away from little hands!!...

    I hope you get up and running again soon!
  9. Kill them.
  10. ohhhhh that sucks jem. i hate my lil guy going near my bike for that exact reason (or straight out toppling it)
  11. It never even occured to me that they'd tampered with it in any way. I guess it's now obvious that I'm not a parent. Haha. Ah well. I've been a girl and had a cry, rang a few places to get quotes to make everything better and will hopefully have it back in good knick next week. Hopefully. : )
  12. How old are these nephews?
  13. Twist them around your wheels' spokes, then go for a ride. Poetic justice and all that.
  14. To thank them you should pop them on the back of the bike and take them for a very high speed spin. That will do one of 2 things, either:

    1. Scare the hell out of them to the point that they cry every time they see a bike and probably never go near yours again; or

    2. Make them fall in love with bikes in which case their parents will probably do their level best to keep them away from yours in future

    In my case it was my uncles taking me for high speed spins on the back of their bikes which made me fall in love with them.
  15. Yeah, my bikes kept locked in a shed, away from prying hands (and light fingered, well intending, friends!).

    I'd be terrified about kids being near my bike, but I'd be dead scared of it falling on top of them and injuring them.

    Sorry to hear about the bike. Hope you get it back on the road soon.
  16. set them to work in the chimneys until they pay off the damage.
  17. A slight update. I ordered the parts. Expecting them on Monday. Also have new fairing organised. Had gotten the bike back in working condition so I could keep going to work and uni until everything arrived. Wasn't pretty but it was workable.

    Anyhoo.. I was on Kessel's road in Brisbane on my way back from the QSAC stadium this afternoon... Had slowed because cars were backed up through two sets of lights... my lights were green but I couldn't go anywhere since I had cars through the intersection in front of me. Had slowed to a stop but the mongrel in the camry behind me decided he wouldn't. Got rear ended.


    Exhaust took the brunt of the impact. Smashed his light and left his bonnet with a nice ding. My bike is alot worse for the wear. Rear end is pretty bung. Exhaust is broken off its bracket and the rear brake lever was pretty funky looking.

    Guy that hit me - an Indian student decided that he wouldn't stop. He reversed a bit after I'd gone down and started to try and go around me. I saw red, got in front of the car and went pretty rank at him. No one else tried to help me. I made the dude get out of his car and help me lift and push the bike into a driveway. Got passed by heaps of bikes and cars but no one bothered to help out the chick with the smashed bike. Was pretty awesome.

    A guy let me park the bike in his driveway and use his phone so that helped. Indian guy wasn't insured and it took the tow truck drivers to get any details out of him... I've never been in an accident before so I don't know what the deal is there. :/

    Anyway. I'm pretty tired of dropping the bike now.
  18. farrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkk no good :cry::cry:
    hope you were smart enough to get insurance. if you do, just go through your insurance to get things fixed and they'll go after the curry :blackeye:
  19. Geez you're in the wars at the moment.....sorry to hear it and hope it gets sorted.

  20. No matter what you ride, Always flick a cursory eye over your machine before you ride it,
    Walk around it while its warming up.
    Any thing strange will stick out,