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Why you look where you want to go. Not where you're going

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Penny187, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Pinched from 2wheels mag a few months ago regarding servival recations and Keith Code's "Twist of the Wrist" books.

    Long story short the rider first commits to the turn, and probably would have made it saving his ride, but instead fixes his attention on the oncoming traffic, hits the brakes,......and eats it.


  2. pic#10,11.... clearly show the exhaust/engine case bottoming / grounding which would have caused the bike to jack up and loose traction on the rear wheel. His solution to stand the bike up and run wide obviously didn't have the desired outcome...
    Far better to have ...
    a] not overloaded the bike in the first place
    b] adjust the suspension to accomodate the extra weight before setting off.
    c] ride within the limitations of the package
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  4. It has been posted before, but obviously pretty difficult to search for so I'll forgive you.

    Photo would have looked much cooler if he didn't decide to wave and looked like a focused motorcyclist. And as an added bonus he wouldn't have crashed.
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  5. why does he keep waving after the crash?
  6. Clicking through the photo series is actually quite telling....

    The initial shots show a comfortable, in control, happy rider....

    The middle shots show a rider tipping in.....a little hot.....but with focus to the vanishing point.....still "somewhat" in control....

    The latter shots show the rider stand the bike up.....increasingly stand it up as he target fixates......and in he goes.....

    From personal experience.....I know how this feels.....all going well then OH SHIT!!!!!!

    You have to force your mind.....force your eyes NOT TO LOOK.....

    I scream it in my head.......look OUT....look OUT.....out of the CORNER....not OUT for what you don't want to hit......

    Again - interesting photo series.....
  7. Hard to tell from the low res pics, but that doesn't look like an ABS'd bike. Since there were no skid tyre marks I just figured the bike was ABS'd... but I don't think it is.

    Even under ABS the tyres should have been leaving incipient skid marks, but I don't see any. I don't think he's braking anywhere near the capacity of the bike... but then again, the brake light suggests the brakes don't come on until picture 15... that's a bit late in the scenario :(

    Interestingly the brake light goes out on pic 16 and is back on in pic 17, so the brake light could have been set up to be a flashing light... hard to say when and how hard he was braking.

    Just goes to show, a few moment's loss of focus and he entered that corner all wrong. Poor bugger.
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  8. Because he was so busy waving to the camera, by pic 9 he's past the apex yet still running wide, without the clearance to turn it in hard enough to make the turn. At pic 8 I think he needed to have been by the centreline, looking for his tip-in point to keep the exit tight and to the right track of his lane. Plan every corner I guess. The moment's loss of focus is a lesson for any rider, and this poor bu88er paid a hefty price for such a moment.
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  9. Hang on a minute.......

    It's an old dude on a Harley.......they have to crash....

    It's the only way the Missus gets the life insurance without investigation.....

    Case in point fellas.....buy a Harley later in life? Check the brake master cylinder EVERY time you go for a ride :D
  10. We did this one a couple months back, I reckon the chick in the car was topless, guy was going for a closer look.
  11. pointless to discuss what went wrong, how, why.
    the guy is just a dumbass.
    plain and simple.
    people probably stand on that corner just to wave to him so he bins it.
  12. Looking through it again he maybe spooked before the problem...

    PIC 10 - Looking through......bike bottoms out - rider thinks "oh Shit" - closes throttle a little and maybe turns in a little bit....worried about washing out....reasonable....response


    PIC 12 - Wash off a bit of speed.....off throttle? Bike standing......Sees the car.....

    Increasing target fixation.....braking.....closing throttle and being inactive on the bars......game over...........

    This is when you scream in your head....look OUT......out of the corner....push bars down and wrap on throttle.....


    I'm not expert....

    Poor bugger indeed.....
  13. ouch... poor bloke
  14. He should have moved off the seat to change the weight distribution and give more lean angle. He doesnt even lean in.
  15. That's not a Harley, it's a Triumph Thunderbird.
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  16. nicked this from when it was originally posted up...